Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Delurking Day

From reading other blogs that I currently "lurk" on (is that even a real phrase?), I've learned that today is National Delurking Day....meaning, if you read this blog and don't normally comment, today's your day to let me know that you were here! You can even write "(Your name) wuz here," and pretend you're writing on a bathroom stall door, if you want to.

I would love to know if anyone besides me and 2 other people read this blog bring it on! Write comments! If you don't, I will be forced to create fake names and comment on this post so that I feel loved.
Sherri wuz here.


Sara Scheu said...

i love your blog!

Rachel Cox said...

I am a total stranger, but I read you and find your posts completely entertaining and comical! :-)

So in the spirit of the game:
Rachel wuz here!

carly rae said...

Sherri! I read your blog and I love it. I find your musings hilarious!
So my lurking is now de and your baby is PRECIOUS!
Not only do I read your blog but I subscribe to it in my google reader.... does that make me totally a stalker?

The Janacek's said...

hahah you are so funny! Well I read your blog and love it!

Connor Family Blog said...

Sherri, you are hilarious and I love how candid your blog is! Thanks for keeping me entertained! Faris was here.

Smith Family said...

Sherri...I came across your blog around the time the baby was born and have it tagged with several others I follow. I am slightly addicted to anything that makes me feel like I still live in Brookhaven :) You are a riot...I love it. Keep it up, I'll keep checking in!

Lauren Dooley said...

Sherri, I luh-huv your blog! I am a true follower. you keep me laughing all the time and ally grace is so precious!
Lurky Lauren (Fierer) Dooley

The Janacek's said...

Thanks! Yea I am def. looking into going to FL for sure! I can't wait! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Will this be weird or hilarious, that I am posting 15 months after your post? Oh well. I found your blog from the blog button on Stephanie's blog. (Is there a way to write that without using the word 'blog' three times?) Anyway I'm bored and started reading from the BEGINNING and just got here. :) So in the spirit of random Friday-ness, Ashleigh wuz here!