Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few Things.....

First of all, I LOVED the comments about breastfeeding & weight loss.....y'all made me feel like it's okay that I didn't lose all my pregnancy weight 5 minutes after I started nursing.  (Again with the weird word "nursing.")

Secondly, I have this cute video of AG giggling, which I realize, may only be interesting to a few of you.  But since it's interesing to me, and this is MY blog, I'm posting it.  Soon.  As soon as I can figure out how to post a video, that is.

Basically, John was playing with Jackson and his squeaky not at all annoying new toy, and AG just started giggling like a maniac.  A cute, non-creepy, baby maniac.  And we did this for about 15 minutes straight before it occured to us to try and video it with John's iphone.  Fortunately we caught a few more giggles, even though AG tends to be stubborn and generally refuses to perform for the camera.   Diva.

See how she's purposely not smiling?  She's all sassy now that she has the big flower hat.

Finally, I have a truly interesting guest post over on my work blog....which is finally named something better than "Sherri's Real Estate Blog."  Maybe.  It's at least named something DIFFERENT, so that's what counts, right?  Anyway, the post is about interior design on a budget, and since I blog-stalk about a hundred design blogs, I know this is a topic that lots of people want to know more about. 

The post was written by my friend Jessica Duncan, of  Home Studio Interiors.  She's GREAT, and pretty much designed AG's entire nursery, plus a couple of other projects in our house.  If I had a million dollars, I would have her do my house top to bottom.  (Which wouldn't literally cost a million dollars.  But there's this little thing I like to do called "exaggerate" or "be dramatic.")  Maybe one day when I rob a bank, or get famous for blogging about nothing, I will make my house designer-y.  Which may or may not be somewhat unlikely.

Btw, if anyone knows how to help me move into the 21st century post a video from an iphone, I'd love for you to ignore how technologically-impaired I am clue me in.

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Bagwell's said...

I see we are "strike through" buddies. I love the strike through! Love that little girl too!