Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty Time

First of all, yes.  I'm still here.  It's been a crazy month of traveling, wrapping up the HGTV project, and now our latest adventure:  potty training.

I know I asked for potty tips forever ago, but I tend to employ a little technique called procrastination.  As in, Hmmmm.  Maybe if I wait long enough, AG will just potty train herself!

(Because THAT method has worked for thousands of years.  Or not.)

Anyway, I found my motivation to move forward with the process last week, when I picked her up from preschool.  Here's what went down:

AG's Teacher:  Sherri, as you know Ally Grace is moving up next week to the Trailblazers class!

Me: Oh great! Well I know she'll miss this class and her wonderful teachers!
(Yep. Totally sucking up.  Couldn't help myself.)

AG's Teacher:  In that class, all of the kids are potty trained, so AG will need to be trained by next Tuesday.

Me:  Say what now?

So.  In order to move up, she has to wear underwear.  ALL DAY.  Yikes.  Today, we have literally been inside, near the toilet all day.  I've actually rushed her to the potty while she was literally peeing on. my. arm.

Not my best day, people.

PLEASE tell me this is worth it.  Because right now, I am feeling that I would be totally happy changing her diapers until she's in middle school.

I promise to have a more fun blog up soon, involving something interesting.

Well, let's be honest.  It may not be interesting, but at least it'll be new.  And we'll call that a win.


Bagwell's said...

Ha! We sort of started today too. I hope it goes okay. Luckily we have no deadline and I have procrastinated sooo long that Brooks kind of does it without me. I feel guilty and brilliant all at once! Keep me posted!

melissa said...

So...I'm a random person who reads your blog and I'm not even sure how I found you. :) I potty trained my daughter last May when she was almost 2 1/2 and we just did the whole "quit diapers cold turkey, put on big girl underwear, don't leave the house until she gets it" method. It was insane and I thought I would die, but in the end it totally worked. Some people say it should take 3 days, but for some reason it took us almost 2 weeks...although I've never heard of anyone else taking that long so I have no idea what our deal was. But we were done with diapers so that was good.

Unknown said...

Try the towel potty training method.