Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach Trip, Cookouts, & The Glucose Test That Didn't Happen

I can't believe it's already Monday! Last week and weekend were so fun, but really busy....I had the chance to go to the beach for a girls trip with my friends Kerie and Brooke, and we had a great time! Like me, they both have really flexible work schedules, and were able to randomly get away for a few days in the middle of the week. It was awesome! We ate tons of fried seafood, got sunburned in various weird places (knees, etc.), and ate Haagen-Daas in bed while watching tv....something I know John would never go for!

I also got to experience the joy of wearing a bathing suit while 6 mos. pregnant.....good times. Now, I've been really blessed to be able to stay active and continue working out through this pregnancy, but I don't even love to be in a bathing suit when I'm NOT pregnant....much less, when I've put on 15 pounds and have more cellulite than I ever thought possible. Regardless, we still had a blast, and I loved enjoying the beach for a couple of days! Here's a photo of me around 20 weeks....I don't have a newer one that I can upload just yet, so just imagine this, but bigger....and side note, these green Victoria's Secret sweatpants are the best ones on the planet! I think they miraculously just keep getting bigger, because I got them before I was pregnant, and they are still so comfy!

On Saturday, as soon as I got back, we went to Jon and Jenny's for a cookout with our small group. Jenny is like a modern-day Martha Stewart for our age group....I seriously wanted to take everything she did in her house and copy it in mine!

On Sunday, my brother-in-law, Jamey, preached to our ENTIRE church, and did an amazing job! We had a whole row of people there to support him for the 11am only regret is that we didn't make t-shirts, signs, or something equally embarrassing. Seriously, though, he's a super-talented speaker, and I am so proud of him! Sunday afternoon, I had to work, and then Sunday night, John and I had the 11th grade students from our church over for yet another was great! These kids are seriously so fun, and I love hanging out with them! Jackson got lots of tug and fetch action, so he was a happy dog.

So, on an Ally Grace note....last week I was supposed to have my glucose know, the one where you drink the nasty sugar drink, and get checked for gestational diabetes. (I don't know if I've ever paired the words "nasty" and "sugar" in the same sentence before....I'm thinking there's something really wrong with that.) Anyway, I was kinda nervous about it, and although I don't know if it helps or not, I didn't have any sugar all morning prior to the test. I felt like I was cramming for an exam or something. So, I get to the doctor's office, and am taken back to an exam room....where I'm told that I am 3 DAYS too early to take the test! Now, this may be overly trusting of me, but I assumed that when I told the appointment schedulers that I needed to come in for a glucose test, that they would schedule me for when I could actually TAKE THE TEST. mistake, clearly.

The good news, is that I at least got to hear Ally G's cute little heartbeat, which is one of my favorite sounds in the world! I go back in a couple of weeks for the actual test, so cross your fingers!

Otherwise, we're all good over here! Just trying (still) to get moved in to our new house, which is taking an embarrassingly long time. Looking forward to a great week!

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