Friday, October 2, 2009

They Determine Our Worth By Putting Beans on Our Faces

Who watched the Office last night? SO GOOD! Dwight was hilarious. And next week's going to be the best episode EVER.....if you've never watched it before, I highly recommend going to Blockbuster, renting ALL seasons, and spending the weekend at home watching. Possibly while eating candy corn, smores, or cupcakes. You will not regret it!

So, still pregnant. Yes, I'm officially overdue now. Yesterday, my parents came to town and we went to dinner at FLIP....fabulous hamburgers and even more fabulous pumpkin pie milkshakes! Oh my word, what a way to spend a due date. I actually probably convinced Ally Grace to stay in there longer, so she can continue to get delicious milkshakes and treats. I'm thinking there's no way boring milk is going to live up to all the fun-ness she's been having in my belly.

Also, I made John take an official 40 week belly shot before we left for dinner. Here's the full-term belly, in all it's glory!

I highly doubt I'll be organized enough to take a picture on the way to the hospital, so I decided to get one while I was thinking about it. Besides, after watching too much "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," I am now convinced that I will probably have my baby on the side of 285, in the middle of rush hour. Or something equally insane.


Jessica said...

A) How did you mention going to flip without mentioning PUMPKIN PIE MILKSHAKES? I need to try one ASAP. B) Love the boots!

carolineo said...

You look SO GREAT! I cant believe you are at 40 weeks already... I feel like just yesterday we were working through first trimester yuckiness! I cant wait to meet this little girl!