Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hallelujah for Naptime

It's a little scary how the highlight of my day is now the fact that the bug went down for her nap without lots of screaming & squirming. She definitely does NOT enjoy naptime. To be fair, her mommy has never really mastered the art of napping either. Mommy would prefer to read People and eat chocolate......hmmmm, perhaps a fun baby friendly activity when naptime just isn't happening?

Anyway, it's been a big week for AG! She's smiling ALOT, and very definitely on purpose. Like when I smile at her, she smiles back. And my heart? Turns into a big fat puddle. I would give her just about anything, including my clothing budget, which, for those of you who know me, should tell you quite a bit.

(Okay, let's not be rash, maybe I'd split it 70/30 with her. Mama's gotta have something to wear, right? Something that isn't sweatpants and my one favorite white t-shirt. Or my maternity jeans, which embarrassingly, I'm still wearing. Turns out, I have a deep love of elastic waistbands.)

In the last 5 weeks, she has changed SO much! She's getting bigger, and more aware of what's going on around her....plus, like I said, she's totally smiling for REAL, and even trying to reach for toys (sometimes). My favorite thing is taking her out of her swaddle, and watching her look all grumpy while she stretches those long legs.....too, too cute. If I were really cool, I'd put a video on here, so you could enjoy the cuteness, but a) we are very likely the one family on the planet that doesn't have a video camera, and b) I don't actually know how to post a video anyway.

Here are a few photos from the past few weeks instead.....enjoy!

We HATE tummy time!

(This picture does nothing to truly relate the hatred she feels for bathtime. This is actually pre-major gremlin meltdown.)

Happy Halloween from our little Pirate!

Don't be jealous of my Twilight onesie......yes, it does say "I'd rather be drinking blood." I know, I know, my obsession with Twilight is creepy. And, I don't really care.

Daddy loves his little girl!


Rachel Cox said...

So... I am a creeper, and just read several posts of yours... and let me just say. You are hilarious! I love your wit!

So now I will be a public creeper and start following you. Hope you don't mind! ha!

Rachel Cox said...

P.S. I found you through Amanda Jones' blog "Baby Bangs." Thought I should throw out there how I found your blog. :-)

carolineo said...

She is absolutely adorable!! And dont feel bad, we dont have a video camera either, Reid hates bath time AND tummy time too! I knew they would be friends. So glad she is smiling at you to make all of your hard work feel so worthwhile. Cant wait to see you both soon!