Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, here's my weekend in list form......a) because I am a nerd and I love a good list, and b) I may or may not be moderately lazy and this is easier.

1. NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That could really be the entire list, as it is easily the most anticipated event of my year. Oh wait, I meant AFTER having a baby. Kristin and I went Friday night, along with every 15 year old girl in was quite the experience. From the almost fight that we had with some girls who tried to cut in front of us in line (Really. Don't. Mess.), to the girls who screamed every time Jacob had his shirt off (I promise that wasn't us.....maybe.), it was well worth the wait. In true Sherri form, I had assembled the perfect trifecta of snacks--Reese's Pieces, Mike 'n Ikes, and (what else) candy corn. Delightful.

2. Feeding AG--this has to be included simply because of the sheer amount of time it takes up in a given day. Although I do get to cuddle with my little frog, so it's all good.

3. Going running.....I have REALLY missed running, and just started back a couple of weeks ago. It feels amazing to run on a gorgeous fall day....even when I am having to run the pace of an 85 year old.

4. Doing some work--actually have missed this too, and am easing back into's amazing how you can be forced into productivity when you have only an hour-long window during a certain little monster's nap.

5. Coffee with Eryn--yay for coffee with a fun friend.....we even let AG come too, although she didn't seem to like the latte I ordered for her. Hmmmm, strange.

6. Cookies! Not just for me, I made a bunch of homemade double doozies for a party at Rod and Kristin's tonight. I may or may not have eaten a few along the way. Taste-testing, that's all.

7. Panahar & the Georgia game. If you watched the Georgia game, you know that Panahar was the more enjoyable part of that combo.

That's it......that hour-long nap window just turned into more like a 30-minute window, and I have a squirmy little baby that needs to be tricked into waiting another hour to eat.

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