Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Crap.....Literally.

So, I COULD write about how Ally Grace weighed 10lbs and 5oz at her 2 month checkup the other day. Or, how sad it was to watch her get her shots (worse for mommy than it was for baby). Or maybe I should write about how she ROLLED OVER yesterday during tummy time! Yes! And I could write about how cute it was to watch her get stuck halfway, and how I sat and cheered her on until she finally got it.

But, I'm not actually going to talk about any of those things today. Instead I'm going to write about how I was just standing in one of my favorite home stores, minding my own dang business, when I literally got showered with poop water. Showered. With. Poop. Water. And yes, I have washed my entire body approximately 57 times to make sure that I'm not gonna get a parasite or some other nasty funk from who knows what was in that water. (But, I'm pretty sure it was poop, so yeah. Good times.)

Seriously, this would ONLY happen to me. Because out of the 15 people in the store when it happened, I was the one standing near the pipe that burst in the ceiling from the condos above the store. The pipe that then proceeded to shower down brown water with even browner particles in it. Which splashed all over the right side of my body. Thank the good Lord that I wasn't standing directly underneath it, because I might have had a nervous breakdown right then and there.

Several ladies (who were watching me with "better you than me, sister" looks) offered to get me some antibacterial wipes from their car. And the shop owner was sweet, and offered to let me go scrub myself in their bathroom. Which I took him up on. (Although I'm thinking it would've been sweeter to offer me a big fat credit at their store, or maybe free shopping for life).

In summary, I am pretty sure that, no matter what, your day is better than mine. Unless you've been hit in the face with poop.


Jenny said...

I feel the need for a shower after reading this post. Ewwwwww.

Sara H said...

WHAAT?? How awful! What store was this?


Rachel Cox said...

WOW! That is quite possibly the craziest story I have ever heard!

Bless. your. heart.

(And I completely agree - you should get free shopping for LIFE!)