Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 10 Reasons This Weekend Was Awesome

1.  AG got her swerve on at our playgroup on Friday.  (John will be mad at me for saying this--when I told him she went on a double-date at playgroup Friday, he was like, REALLY don't. say. that.).

Do you like AG's adorable little outfit?  Unfortunately, she was dressed inappropriately for the weather, as was I.  What girls do for fashion, right?

(Yeah.  It was about 47 degrees outside.  Don't know why I thought sleeveless was okay.  At least AG had a blanket.)

2.  I got to spend time with fabulous friends who are sweet enough to share their mommy wisdom with me on a weekly, Betsy made the most delicious salad and cheesecake muffins, and I might have possibly stuffed myself.  And taken some home with me.  Which is totally beside the point.

3. Granddaddy came for a visit with all of us (but let's be honest, mainly Ally Grace) on Friday. We loved having him here!

4.  The weather on Saturday?  A-mazing.  Tricked me into thinking I could go sleeveless that evening.  Quickly realized I couldn't, but still. 

5.  My training run on Saturday?  Tiring, but I had fun running with a friend who kept me from curling up in a ball and screaming, WHY???? motivated. (Did I tell y'all that I went temporarily insane and signed up for the Nashville half-marathon in April?  You can pray for me.)

6.  Watched the Blind Side with much did you love Sandra Bullock in that movie?

7.  Girls dinner with fun friends at Verde! May or may not have eaten there 3 times in the last week. If you've ever been, you can easily see why.

8.  Spent time with more fun friends at Jen's engagement paty--loved it, and wish that I could've stayed longer!

9.  Ally Grace's first tooth popped through the gum!  OH. MY. WORD.  Is it really already time for this?  She is so big!  I tried to get a photo, but A) it's only barely through the gum and B) girlfriend is a diva and won't let me.

10. In an unprecedented turn of events, I actually folded ALL of our laundry.  This may or may not be the first time it's ever happened. 

11. Sunday afternoon nap with John on the couch. Fantastic.

And apparently this post should've been named Top 11 Reasons This Weekend Was Awesome.....

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Bagwell's said...

#1 and #2 and #11 are my faves of our weekend too! I loved time with you and your little muffin. I want her! Let me keep her asap. And....those naps are soo good when they happen - I miss them but might try for a little snuggle when Brooks goes to bed tonight. And, what, NASHVILLE! I am actually really jealous and wish I had been running before this baby so I could do it with you. You amaze me.