Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Beans and Such

I recently learned that I made a bit of a mistake in starting baby foods with AG.  Apparently, the best thing to do is give a baby the green veggies first, so that they won't know that they're missing the sweet, delicious fruits. 

Which makes sense.  If you take the logical approach to motherhood, instead of the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach that I occasionally like to employ.

Case in point, the Sherri-way of introducing solid foods was to trick AG into liking them by bribing her with sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, and more.  I mean, I might as well have given her some sweet tea and chocolate cake. 

When I took her to daycare last week, the sweet ladies in the infant room gently told me that usually moms start off with the green veggies, so as not to create a baby sugar monster.  To which I gently replied, why the heck didn't y'all tell me that 3 weeks ago!

This new information sent me into a downward spiral of guilt, over how I have COMPLETELY RUINED AG's eating habits, as she will now be a sugar diva, undoubtedly ending up in a state of childhood obesity. 

Clearly, I have a tendency toward the dramatic.  (What's that?  You hadn't noticed?  You're so sweet.)

So, with a heavy heart, I set about trying to remedy the situation.  And I forewarned John that we would have our work cut out for us, as we would probably have to be very, very persistent to retrain Ally Grace to have healthy eating habits.

And you know what?

She gobbled up every last bit of green beans on her FIRST try......turns out, she's just a little food monster in general.  And I'm a bit of a dramatic pessimist. 

Here's a picture of her wearing enjoying the "good stuff."

My attempt at food bribery using sweet potatoes.

I also have to post this, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Which may or may not be the theme of my blog, now that I think about it.

She's all, I'm just chillin' like a baby over here....

My friend Kerie took some 6 month photos of AG, so I'll be posting a few of those in the next couple of days.....the entire photo shoot involved me jumping around like a freak in our front yard, making weird noises, and even weirder faces.

So yeah.  Just another day around here. 

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carolineo said...

First, Lue HAS to love Reid if she wishes to remain in good graces... and on the couch with us- thats how we got her to do it :)
Second, I totally did sweet potatoes first too and then back tracked. We should write a book on what NOT to do. We totally should.
Third, that is the cutest picture EVER in the boppy. She is totally showboating her flexibility. Work it girl.