Thursday, May 6, 2010

Target List

I'm about to run out to Target, so I made myself the following list--you know, just so I don't get sidetracked.


Can anyone else relate? Is Target your money-sucking, black hole, the way it is mine?

Do you sometimes just need "treats?" 

You know you do.


Jessica said...

"Money sucking, black hole" is such a great description :)

I'm the one who goes in there for just "a few things" so I don't get a buggy or a basket and I end up looking like an idiot trying to navigate through the store with my hands overflowing with items!

Bagwell's said...

Sherri! We are soul sisters. I JUST got home from my 1.5 hour target trip and bought 2 things I needed and 4 I didn't. They even declined my card bc they suspected fraudulant activity bc it was more money than I normally spend anywhere else! HELP! I hope you come home with many treats for you!

KatieMGreen said...

Good luck sticking to your list!

kristymasterson said...

I want to get rewarded for the work I do at Target. Hello??!!! frequent shopper card! There today.