Sunday, July 25, 2010

Projects, Farmer's Market, and Martha-ness

In the last three days, I've chased dogs, chased babies, and been asked if I was a Marine THREE times!

Why, was it the noodle arms, and obvious love of clothes and hair products that gave it away?

(Or maybe it had something to do with the Marine t-shirt I was wearing.  I'm not sure.)

As we speak, John is once again working his sanding magic on that old dresser we're trying to strip and paint.  Apparently, a dresser that has been painted purple (with bible verses on the drawers, I might add), and THEN later painted green isn't very easy to sand.  Who knew?

Personally, I think he's just trying to show off his power tools expertise.

I AM super excited about this little project though.  I'll have to take  picture of the finished product, but here's a little sample of what I'm planning to do to the knobs:

Is that not so cute?  Since the budget doesn't include Anthropologie knobs, I'm just gonna have to get creative. 

(Speaking of which, shouldn't Anthropologie be a line item in any budget?  Clearly.)

I also went to the Chamblee Farmer's Market this weekend with my friend, Eryn.  It's still pretty small, but had some great things.  Like vegetables.  And farmers.  

I bought one of their totes, because there's a slight chance that I may have a tote addiction.  Which is characterized by owning approximately 537 tote bags.  When I got home, I realized, hmmmm, that might have been what John likes to call "an unnecessary purchase."  Or, what I like to call, "supporting the local community."

Then I had the "could have been bad, but fortunately it worked out" idea to actually cut the logo off of the bag, and frame it....I think it turned out pretty cool, since the logo has sort of a vintage-y feel to it.  

Finally, in another burst of Martha-ness, I made dinner again on Saturday night. (And if you think this isn't noteworthy enough to record on the blog, you would be wrong.)  It's what I like to call "a Farmer's Market feast."  Or what John likes to call, "this is great, babe, but where's the protein?"



Bagwell's said...

I love you. Poor John. Brad wouldn't put up with no animals for dinner either. I hope you are feeling good about yourself after quite a weekend.

natalie sams said...

You are so funny! I am glad I found your blog - it is now in my favorites!!

natalie sams said...

You are so funny! I am glad I found your blog - it is now in my favorites!!