Monday, July 19, 2010

This Weekend.....

This weekend.......

......AG had her first co-ed bath.  Scandalous!

See how Brooks is being a total gentleman, and avoiding looking at any lady parts?
Good job, Brooks, good job.

.......we had a fantastic time at dinner with Betsy and Brad, while AG and Brooks clearly got their baby flirt on.

.......John may or may not have become jealous while watching Brad toss little Brooks around, and just might have tried to do the same with AG.  Who promptly screamed, and gave him a look like, "excuse ME?  What the heck do you think you're doing?  Can you not see that I am a dainty little girl?"

John then informed me that we will need to have a son.  I promised him I would teach AG how to be a tomboy instead.

(Which obviously I know a lot about.  I mean, tomboys love things like shopping, pedicures, and the Bachelor, right?)

......we said goodbye to a Habersham tradition, The Steak House.  (Bobby Joe's, if you're really in the know.)  It's been around for more than 50 years, and growing up, we ate lunch there every. single. Sunday.  Which means that it's a sad day for all the Baptists in town.  It also means that I've had more fried chicken in my life than anyone probably should.

Can you see how excited AG was to be there?

Three generations, loving The Steak House!

......AG spent Saturday night with her Grandmama and Granddaddy, while......

......John and Sherri had a baby-free night out!  WOO HOO!  I mean, we were able to stay out past 8.  Clearly, we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. 

(Almost, but not quite.  Because we very quickly managed to figure something out.  And by "something" I mean, we went to a fabulous Italian dinner with Rod and Kristin, then on to Whiskey Blue, the rooftop bar at the W Buckhead.  Where we may or may not have been highly entertained by some cougars ladies of a certain age, gettin' their swerve on.)

(And I'm sorry.  Did I suddenly revert back to 1993?  Does anyone say "gettin their swerve on" anymore? Should anyone have ever said it in the first place?)

.....we slept in on Sunday!  I know, I shouldn't admit this.  What I should say is that we got up and went to 9am church.  But, I feel that the Lord wanted me to enjoy the gift of rest on Sunday.  So I did.  And it was fabulous!

.....we sanded and painted a dresser that I had in college.  It was really just an excuse to watch John use power tools.  Sexy.

Work that sander, baby!  WOO!

Happy Monday!

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Bagwell's said...

HYSTERICAL on many accounts -
1)Brooks was probably touching his boy parts and thus uninterested in the lady. Isn't this how boys opperate at 12 not 1?
2) John threw AG across the room onto the bed as if she would love it and she hated it and then he did it again. Yes, Sherri, he needs a boy!
3) WE WENT TO WHISKEY BLUE SATURDAY NIGHT and spent $7 on a beer and watched ladies take pictures of their fly dresses in every corner of the bar. Sadly, we left before the sun went down so I am sure we missed the un-preggo crowd. The elevator was the only part that fascinated me but if we actually went when cool people go...aka after dark - I might have been a little more impressed.

I'm glad yall had a fun Saturday and productive Sunday! We had the best time with yall Friday and Brad wants to know if we can do communal dinner and bath time every Friday? Okay? Done. Love yall! This is the longest comment eva.