Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Few Things.....

1.  Ally Grace is officially 11 months old!  Which means, next month, she'll be considered a toddler.
Coincidentally, it also means that I will no longer be able to blame things on "the baby."  Or even (shamefully) the pregnancy. 

Like this raging case of OCD I seem to have picked up, because of the pregnancy.

Or the hypothetical widening of my hips, because of the baby.

Or darn, I sure would love to come to your (insert event that I am desperately trying to get out of) but I can't, because I have to get home and feed the baby.

Regardless, I'm loving every minute of this stage with Ally Grace.  Even though she's going through what some might call a "screeching in public" phase.  And despite the fact that she's constantly got her finger in her nose, my nose, or just jabbing it somewhere in the general vicinity of my eyeball. 

But really, she's five thousand kinds of adorable, and I'll just leave it at that.  I couldn't possibly love the girl more.

2.  (I know, I know, that was ALL number 1.  Rash.)  So, I watched the show "Hellcats" last night.  It has all the things I look for in a new favorite show:
  • it's on the CW
  • it's all about cheerleading (hello? Bring It On, anyone?!)
  • it has a target audience of teenagers
What's not to love?

3.  I came up with a fantastic combination of toppings at my neighborhood Yoforia.  Which I may have visited one (or five) too many times this week.  Potentially even immediately after going on a run.  But really, I was doing a public service by experimenting with toppings, because what I am about to share with you will rock. your. world.

Blueberries......with fruity pebbles.

Clearly I have a mature food palate. (No.)  Also, I'm pretty sure the blueberries cancel out the fruity pebbles.

4.  WHERE in the world can you find a 12 month old Georgia cheerleading uniform???  Don't worry, I'm not signing her up for cheerleading.  Yet.  But her first birthday party's coming up, and due to our inability to consult a calendar before planning important events, we may have accidentally planned it for the Georgia-Tennessee game.  Which will now be referred to as "Ally Grace's First Tailgate" by everyone that matters.

(Or probably only by us.  But isn't a baby cheerleading uniform practically a requirement here? I'm feeling scared that I might have to bust out some scissors and try to get crafty, if I can't find one that's actually made by professionals.  Or Nike.  Or just someone who sews.)

5.  And because I'd really like to end on number 5 (and, hello OCD....we're back), I'll just tell you that for Labor Day, we went to the lake. 

As per usual, we attended the Lake Rabun holiday buffet, hosted by the Dillard House.  And as per usual, we not only had the buffet memorized, we used this to our advantage to strategize our food choices, placement, and general execution.

What?  It was completely all because of the pregnancy. the baby.

Oh wait.


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Jessica said...

I saw a 12mo cheerleading outfit at Sports Fanatic (I think that's the name) at Perimeter Mall last Friday and though of you! It was white, not the traditional red, but still cute and very Georgia!

kharner said...

They have them out at Walmart now! I know that sounds lame but will probably be a lot cheaper and they were really cute!