Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need Some Help, Girls.....

I am totally at a loss for what I should be feeding AG. She turns one NEXT FRIDAY, and you'd think I just might have this down by now.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

By the way, I have a way more interesting (No.) post about our vacation to Mexico last week.  What's that?  You wondered why I hadn't been posting?  Or you knew that because of my complete and total paranoia safety-mindedness that I must not be posting because we were traveling.

Which, when I think about it, isn't really a super stellar way of throwing off burglars, is it?

At any rate, on to my questions. 

Disclaimer: Feel free to answer, speculate, and generally throw in your two-cents whether you have children of your own, or whether you just googled answers to these questions five minutes ago.  I'm not picky.

1. When did you start giving your baby whole milk? 

2. When did you drop the pre-bedtime feeding? And do you promise that AG will keep sleeping through the night?  Because if not, I'll be giving her a bedtime bottle every night til she goes to college.


3.  What did your day look like when your baby turned one? (Feedings, naptimes, outings?  Collapsing onto the couch while praying that your baby would take a decent nap?)

4.  Any tips on great solid foods for little ones? AG eats some big people food, but mostly still stage 3 baby food. It's easier, and I'm apparently a little lazy. She has a bunch of teeth, and I'm sure she could be eating more foods, if I wasn't such a sissy and deathly afraid of her choking.
5.  Anything else I need to know? 
Thanks, y'all!  I'll post some pictures of our Mexico trip soon, I promise.  It basically involved John having to work (a little), while I raided the mini-bar for chocolate every morning.  And afternoon.  And evening.   
I also may or may not have accidentally flashed some of his coworkers during our "ride the dolphins, and OH, hey, maybe you should tell people not to wear string bikinis!" adventure.
Good times.


kristymasterson said...

I got way too excited to answer these questions. Either I am truly bossy or I love mom world. Not sure. Let's go with a combo on that. And don't have to answer that.
1. Gave Josie whole milk at about 11 months. She did great. A little 1/2 and 1/2 thing for a week or so then slowly switched to all whole milk.
2. I dropped the bed-time feeding around this time. But I just started making sure she was getting the correct amount of milk throughout the day and just lessened what she was getting slowly during that last feeding.
3. I really tried to move to one nap when Josie turned one. I love one nap. She would start the nap around 12 or 12:30. So before then was running errands and keeping her going and then eating an earlyish lunch then nap. So I would work on keeping her up until then because I knew it would make her nap better. She caught on pretty quick... maybe a week or so.
4. Basically, my opinion is they can eat anything that you are eating at this stage just take the time to cut it up small enough.
5. I love the one nap! It is freeing and you feel like you can get so much more done in the day with time before and after the nap.

Sorry I wrote a book :)

Melanie said...

Hey girlie! Welcome back! :)

My little guy is almost 2 so I'm trying to remember a year ago... and obviously I need coffee... He definitely had whole milk at a year (LOVES it .. still does!). I would put the milk in a sippy cup before bed to try to wean him away. First, holding him and rocking with the cup... then we moved to sitting him upgright in our laps with the cups.. now eating a little pre-bedtime snack at the kitchen table with a cup (now the cup is hardly noticed). Just an idea

Sleeping through the night... yeah, still not happening here.. not sure on that one. I'm going to read advice other people give you! :)

I think he still had a small morning nap at one and a longer afternoon nap. Outings get SO much easier without baby food... He liked to eat small veggies (soft cooked carrots and green beans), mashed potatoes, bread, yogurt, those little cereal bars, graham crackers, vanilla wafers... I share the whole fear of choking thing. It is SCARY!

can't wait to see pics of your trip!!!!

Angela said...

Hey Sherri! I told you I stalk your blog, so I thought I'd share my "two cents" :)

1. I started giving Liam milk at 11 months. He only liked it in a bottle and once I tried to switch him to sippy cups he wouldn't take it... until about 4 months ago when I offered him skim milk. He'll drink that... hey better than nothing.

2. We dropped the pre-bedtime feeding around 1 year. I was SO nervous, but he did great. Cried a little for two nights, then never looked back.

3. At one Liam was still taking two naps, but they weren't good ones. I moved him to one nap around 13 months. Same thing a previous person mentioned... have to keep them out of the house and occupied to push them through. Then his afternoon naps were still only an hour for a while, but eventually got longer. Now they're usually 2-3 hours. Liam moved to table food at 9 months. Cullen moved to table food at 7 1/2 months. I told the doctor I was too lazy to give him baby food... opposite of you I guess :-) She said that was totally fine... she said they don't need baby food, it's just a good transition for them. I just cut it up really small. I was deathly afraid of Liam choking... he had a hard time swallowing in general, but I just had to clench my jaw and let him work it out. Always ready with the heimlich if need be... j/k ... well kind of.

Bagwell's said...

I love the new blog look! We'll chat about eating and such at the BEACH!