Saturday, December 18, 2010


We took AG to see Santa yesterday.  I was pretty scared of what I just knew would be long lines, and a freaking out baby. 

(Which secretly I kind of hoped for, b/c the pictures of kids screaming on Santa's lap?  Priceless.  They make me laugh so hard that I'd seriously better not be eating or drinking anything when I see them.  As learned from experience.)

(Also, maybe I shouldn't admit to the blogging world that I hoped AG would cry.  But oversharing is what we do here, right?  And by "we," clearly I mean "I.")

I am a grinch and hate the mall at Christmas, so when we arrived, it did not amuse me to learn that Santa had taken a lunch break.


Fortunately,  we only waited in line about 20 minutes before our big moment. 

I think she liked him, don't you?

Hey!  I like your beard.
(Isn't that a line in a Ke$ha song?)

She may have a thing for older men, b/c she LOVED him.
And I'm totally joking, because she isn't allowed to have "a thing" for any man until she's 37.
Just so we're clear.


Melanie said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! Oh my goodness! She could NOT be any cuter!!! :)

Merry Christmas!

The Denbow Family said...

Love it!!!

Adriane said...

Sherri Dickens! Do you realize that you literally make me laugh so hard everytime I read your blog that I almost fall off my (poorly constructed) computer chair! My goodness, girl! Merry Christmas... so glad that your little pumpkin enjoyed the Big Ho Ho, b/c ours certainly did NOT. You would enjoy her picture this year;)

Stephanie said...

you are ALWAYS so hilarious - seriously, you crack me up.

and I LOVE that you hoped for a screaming child and you have one of the rare ones that is smiling so sweetly on top of the REAL Santa's lap.

Maybe that's why - cause he's the real one... Seriously, that's one good lookin' Santa Clause! {In a non-attractive way of course.}