Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dear blog,

I have neglected you.  I've been lost in the craziness of Christmas, and the unmotivation/seasonal depression that is January.

I am still here, I promise.  And I'm going to overload you with pictures, rash comments, and oversharing the moment life slows down.

I know.  You can't wait either.


Your friend Sherri, whose daughter has decided that she doesn't want to nap anymore, who spent approximately all of her life savings on babysitters during December, and who can't seem to stop eating those Lindt truffles that were in her Christmas stocking.   

(Thank you for the extra cellulite, John.  I hope you enjoy it.)

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Melanie said...

HHHHAAAAA! ME TOO!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, that is too funny! I was JUST LITERALLY eating a Lindt truffle as I read this!!! I am not kidding. My hubby put them in my Christmas stocking and I am so going to pay for this.... :(

Hello, treadmill... you have been neglected ;)

btw, thank you for your sweet comment on my new site! Made my day :)

Have a great day!