Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days. Not Quite As Much Fun As They Used To Be

In case you live in a cave or under a rock, the southeast is experiencing one of the worst snowstorms it's ever had. 

That's based on no actual facts, mind you,  just my observation that I HAVE BEEN HOUSEBOUND FOR 4 ENTIRE DAYS.

(Also, that's a rash statement, because I actually HAVE gone to friends houses, Starbucks, and the gym.  And no, not in that order. Although, don't think I wouldn't be the girl on the treadmill with my latte in the cupholder.  I totally would.  Caffeine makes you run faster, right? Right.)

Apparently, when the news anchors tell everyone to stay in your home, or risk freezing to death on the side of the interstate, I think they must not be talking to me.  Having lived in Georgia all my life, clearly my snow-driving skills are stellar.

Can I also let you know that the weekend before the blizzard of the century (aka "6 inches of snow and Atlanta shuts down for a week") AG dropped her morning nap?  And may I also let you know when people were on facebook raving about how much they were loving their snow days, I wanted to smack them down?  Because guess what's NOT fun about a snow day?  A baby who doesn't really like snow.  And needs to be entertained all morning.

AG is obviously unimpressed.  Which may have had something to with not having gloves on.
Or her embarrassment over mommy's camo gloves.  One or the other.

In case I'm sounding like a debbie downer, here's what was fun about the snow.  Snow Kayaking.  Oh yes.  It's exactly as redneck as it sounds.

And now a video for your viewing enjoyment:

I'm sure I meant "idiotic" in the most positive and uplifting of ways.


Melanie said...

LOVED the video!! That is SO funny!! :)

BTW, I'm going insane too... I threatened to sell my kids on ebay today (...again...)

Have a great day!
Melanie :)

KatieMGreen said...

I like the "don't die." on the video. ha!!

Emily said...

I know this is very stalkerish, but I live on N. thompson and definitely saw the kayak flying down my street! I thought it was hilarious and made my husband get up to see it!!!