Monday, September 12, 2011

Dumpster Diving and Pinterest

I think Pinterest has become a problem in my life. 

Apparently, it's turned me into a weirdo/creeper who dumpster dives for used shipping pallets, so I can get crafty and make those awesome pallet shelves that everyone keeps pinning.

(Except I won't make them.  I'll totally make John do it, because I have a slight measuring aversion, and am not sure my preferred method of "eyeballing it" will work).

(Plus, I also may not know how to work a saw.  That's what boys are for, right?)

Anyway, so I'm driving home from physical therapy, minding my own business, when I notice that a new store moving into our neighborhood has some sweet shipping pallets propped up against the dumpster.

(My teenage self just rolled her eyes at my mom-tastic usage of the word sweet). 

(Also, I techncally didn't have to dumpster dive.  I'm still a dumpster creeper though.)

I pulled up, and pondered just grabbing them and stuffing them in the car.  Ultimately, I decided it looks (a little) less shady if I actually ask for them first.

I go inside, nicely introduce myself to the store owner as a neighbor, and then kindly ask if I can have the pallets out back.

He's all, "You mean the ones in the dumpster?!"  And I'm like, "well, yes, but technically they're not IN the dumpster, they're just kind of leaning....I'm sure they're clean.....ish."

And he's all "o-KAY, whatever floats your boat, weirdo."

Okay, maybe I made up the weirdo part.  But he totally said it with his eyes.

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