Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Craziness

Wow.  August has very nearly done me in, y'all.  (Which is southern talk for making me kind of crazytown.)  I have traveled 3 out of the last 3 weekends in a row, which means during the week I've only had time to do the following:

1. Unpack my overly large suitcase
2.  Tackle the ridiculously massive laundry pile
and finally,
3.  Repack my overly large suitcase for the next 3 day trip

So, before another month goes by, let me fill you in, mini-recap style.  (Well, it'll honestly probably be more monster-recap than mini-recap.  But I'll try.)

Weekend One:  Family Wedding in Fishkill, NY.

We flew up to NY on Thursday to celebrate John's cousin Kyle's wedding.  It was seriously so great to spend time with John's extended family....they are awesome, and we don't get to see them nearly enough.  AG was a trooper, through two days of no naps, bumpy airplane rides, and staying up til 11ish both nights.

Kyle and Lindsay, the bride and groom. 

John's cousin, Shayna and her precious little girl, Kiernan.  

Family dancing....LOVE.

Not sure WHAT is going on with our hands.
Apparently we are fans of the awkward hand-clasp, Olan-Mills style.

Unfortunately, AG's patience wore thin, conveniently as we were going through airport security on the way back to Atlanta.

You know what will intimidate a TSA officer?  A 2-year old screaming her head off because they made her "dubs" go through the x-ray machine.

You know what will entertain the other bored travelers waiting in line?

A frantic mother yelling, "No, it's okay!  Dubs is going on an adventure!!  YAY!  He loves riding through the machine!," while clapping her hands like a maniac.

Good times.

Weekend Two:  Girls Beach Weekend, Panama City Beach

This was SO fun, y'all.  I've been needing a girls weekend for, OH, about the last two years.  Our sweet husbands bravely agreed to watch kids so we could do rash and crazy things all weekend.  You know, like sleep in til 9am.  Read numerous magazines.  Watch movies on the couch.  And stay up until the late hour of 10 o'clock at night.

(We are SO wild.)

This stack of magazines weighed at least 5 lbs.
So, I guess we DID work out.

It was rainy/cloudy most of the time, but still totally worth it for girl time.

Venturing out of the condo to walk off some of the brownies.

Love these girls.

We definitely did meet some interesting characters, as per usual for PCB.  One of my favorites was this guy, who asked if we were gonna go out and "party." To which one of my friends bluntly replied, listen, we're in our 30's with kids.  

To which HE replied, "aw heck, that's no fun." 

(I then suggested an outing to La Vela, to prove that we are, in fact, still fun. But since we didn't want to portray ourselves as middle-aged cougars, we opted to remain at the condo in our spandex, junk food-eating clothes.)

(I mean, those magazines aren't just gonna read themselves, you know.)

Weekend Three:  Weekend in Nashville/Birthday

(As this post is now getting long, I will recap list-style from here.)

(Let's be honest though, even a list doesn't help with the wordiness.)

1. My sweet father in law had a dorm named after him at Belmont, so we went to the naming ceremony on Friday.

So proud of you, Papa D. : )

2.  AG managed (just. barely.) to keep it together during the ceremony, after which she participated in an inaugural pee-pee in one of the brand-new dorm rooms.

3.  She then participated in an inaugural bed-jumping in one of the new dorm rooms.  Which I think was really thoughtful of her, because those college kids NEED TO KNOW if the beds are good for jumping on.
Turns out, they are.

(Yep, I just called them college "kids."  Perfect segue into how I am now old.)

4.  Bringing me birthday.  My brother-in-law Jamey and I share a birthday, and my father-in-law and HIS mother (who was also there for the weekend) share a birthday just four days after ours, so we had a big birthday dinner to celebrate.  The food was amazing and the rest of the family wouldn't let any of us lift a finger to help.

(My favorite kind of dinner).

5.  John, AG, and I came home on my actual birthday, after stuffing our faces at Monelle's for breakfast.  We then had dinner with my wonderful parents, who were awesome enough to keep AG for the night while we spent the night at a hotel here in town to celebrate.

Post Monelle's face-stuffing. Perfect time for a photo opp.

Me and my awesome parents!

I may have to do a separate birthday post. Mainly because there were some funny things that happened, and because for ONCE I managed not to ruin a surprise.  Which is blog-worthy in and of itself.

(Well, maybe not, but I'll probably still write about it anyway.)

You can thank me later.

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