Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Don't Understand

Y'all.  There are certain things in life that I just don't understand.

Ankle boots, for instance. I mean, I want to wear them.  I think they look adorable on other people. (And by people, I clearly mean models with toothpick ankles.)  Very unfortunately, my cankles don't allow them to be super cute on me.

Another thing I don't understand?


(Mainly, I don't understand why they don't go away.  What's that?  A diet of m&m's and fruit snacks doesn't help?)

(That, I understand.)

Folding a fitted sheet is yet ANOTHER thing that I don't understand.  I doubt I ever will.  My preferred method is currently kind of balling/crumpling it into something that kind of resembles a square-ish mound, and then pretending I don't see it until it's time to use it again.

And finally, I don't really understand the girls at the gym in full makeup, jewelry, and only a sports bra.

When I wear makeup to the gym (as in, mascara that I was too lazy to wash off the night before), I end up sweating so profusely that it runs all over my face into an unfortunate impression of a heavy metal rockstar.  Except way less cool.

I can barely remember to wear jewelry in real life, and the one time I worked out in a sports bra, it was only after double- and triple-checking to be sure no one was around to be blinded by my pasty-white flab.  (Also, it was approximately 117 degrees outside, and hey, last time I checked, aren't most gyms air-conditioned?!)

Guess I'll be sticking with my pit-stained t-shirts, thanks.

What about you? Are there things you just don't understand?  I'd love to hear about them....unless one of them is "blogging about random things out of the blue."

(Don't understand that one either, although it seems I manage to do it on a near-constant basis.)

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh - I missed you so much!! I barely just got back to blogging and now FINALLY catching up with you :)

My goal this summer was to get so toned and hot that I would run around the neighborhood in a sports bra like our Type A "hot" mom of 3 down the street who I secretly want to hit with my car except she's always jogging with a double stroller or has a baby in a seat on the back of her bike and pulling another kid in some kind of tent contraption on wheels... all in her sports bra and 6-pack abs. seriously, I loathe her.

But no surprise, I am far, far, away from sports bra shape and NOT because of my JUST my pastyness!! I enjoy my food too much and prefer sleep to exercise on any day =)