Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July...in Pictures

Well, now that it's the last day of July, I'm feeling the need to document what we've been up to this month.

(I mean, besides watching episodes of the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad.  There's been a lot of that going on too.)

As usual, I prefer to tell my stories using the infamous iPhone dump.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm basically too forgetful at this point to remember what I did yesterday, and if it wasn't for the iPhone, I'm pretty sure I'd have no idea what's been going on around here, and hey, does anyone else feel like the iPhone is slowly replacing their brain?

Just me?


(Apparently Mama needs to do some crosswords over here).

Anyway, without further ado, I present:  Sherri's July Phone Dump!

(You're right, I totally just wanted to say the word "dump.")

(I mean, I did say "holy crap" on national television during our Elbow Room reveal, which is obviously so ladylike. "Phone dump" fits right in, now doesn't it?)

Let's start off with a little 4th of July fun, shall we?

Due to the general pasty-ness and awkward leg angles, this picture should never actually have been allowed to see the light of day. But my girl looks happy, and that's a good enough reason to embarrass myself, right?

Future love connection? We're up for it!
In about 30 years, of course.

Our girl's gettin' fresh, y'all!
From the expression on Caleb's face,  I'd say he's not really feeling it.

True friends tell you when you've got something in your teeth.
True husbands take pictures of you digging it out.
Thanks, babe.

July 5th was the 9th anniversary of our very first date!
We celebrated by visiting Atlanta's Food Truck Park and stuffing our faces.
(Similar to how I stuffed my face with fried chicken on our first date, actually.)

So. Funny story here. 
All day on the 5th, I wondered if John would remember our little anniversary. 
(Which I figured was probably pretty likely, based on the annoying helpful reminders I threw out during the few days before.)
Well, he didn't mention it at all, and near the end of the day, I may or may not have implied that I couldn't believe he would forget something like that.

(You know, by telling him, "I can't believe you would forget something like that!")

Then, I headed upstairs to read, as is my nightly pre-bedtime ritual, and when I opened my kindle, this is what I found tucked inside.

Aw, snap.

Yes, my foot is delicious, thanks for asking.

Slinky arm bangles are so fetch.
(No, Regina George, I'll never stop trying to make "fetch" happen.)

Y'all.  I have a serious cowboy boot problem.  As in, I feel the need to wear them constantly.
I actually wore them with shorts the other night, and was secretly feeling very Footloose-y....until I looked in a mirror and remembered that I don't have Juliane Hough's legs.


I love my people.

Dressed up for church on Sunday. What a little lady, right? 
Well, then this little lady goes and tells her teachers, "I prayed to Jesus and asked him to help me poo poo on the potty, and he DID!"

Well, the potty talk apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

This picture was actually in a COLORING book that AG got at school.
My friend Kristin has a huge roach phobia...it is SO bad, that she can't even hear or say the word "cockroach," and instead calls them "CRs."

Understandably, I had to text her a picture immediately:

Because I am so nice. Obviously.

Silly faces+ Instagram= good times had by all.

Hey! You know what John really needs?
Some blue t-shirts, of course.

Happy (almost) my favorite month of the year!

(It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with having an August birthday, I promise.)

(But while we're on the subject, husband, please feel free to follow my Pinterest board entitled "Birthday Wish List.")

Just kidding!  I don't actually have a Pinterest board for that.



John Dickens said...

I love my girls! Can't say that I didn't take some pleasure in waiting for you to open your Kindle so you could start salt n peppering that foot!

Erika Trevathan said...

Love the July 5th picture, so cute! And that letter to you from your husband was too sweet!