Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elbow Room THIS Saturday!

So.  Our episode of Elbow Room airs this Saturday at 1pm.  And y'all?

I am freaking the heck out over here.  

(Not in the good way.)

My thoughts have been less "yay, I can't wait to be on TV!" and more "what the heck was I thinking, and pleasepleaseplease don't let them make us look like the goobers that I know we are."

A few of my friends have asked me if we're having a viewing party.  Um, probably not.  Unless people want to "view" me hiding behind a pillow out of embarrassment. 

The one thing I AM excited about is for everyone to see the amazing job that the Elbow Room team did in giving us our own office spaces.  And now that it's so close, I can share a few things I learned during filming....list style. WOOT!

(Gross.  Apparently the goober-ish-ness begins now.)

(Okay, who am I kidding? It began a long time ago.)

1.  This guy is JUST as nice as he seems on TV....maybe even nicer. And I may or may not have had a stalker moment the first time we met, where I was all, "HiChip,wowIcan'tbelieveyou'rereallyhere, IlovedyouonDesignedtoSellandCurbAppealandheyweren'tyouonarecentepisodeofDesignStar?"

Which earned me a muttered "simmer down psycho" from John, along with a swift elbow to the ribs.

(I also noticed that Chip took a few big steps away from me, but I am sure that was a total coincidence.)

By the last day of filming, I think I had convinced Chip that I wasn't (too) crazy.

2.  It's just unfair that there is so much talent AND beauty on this design team....seriously, these girls were amazing and fun to work with--we loved every minute, and I seriously missed them when they were gone.

3.  I believe I may already have mentioned this, but if, hypothetically of course, you are prone to nervous sweating, thin silky shirts are not your friend.  NOT. AT. ALL.


4.  When I get nervous, I also tend to say things that I would NEVER actually say in real life. For example, during one interview, I was explaining why our current office setup wasn't ideal for John, who is on the phone most of his work day.  I'm all, "it's loud, we have constant toddler visits, Jackson freaks out when the postman rings the doorbell...."

Wait, the what? The POSTMAN? Did I suddenly age 50 years and start going by "Nana?"

Apparently, I did.

5.  I didn't get a picture of the whole crew, but they were all awesome and hilarious.  Plus, they put up with my previously mentioned nervous-sweating habit, along with my need to pee approximately 147 times an hour, from all the coffee I was nervously drinking.

Clearly, I was a nervous delight.

This is Brenton, the director.  At least I think that was his official title, although I would like to title him The Guy Who Tried to Steal Jackson From Us On A Daily Basis.

No seriously, we loved Brenton. And he was amazing, and talented, and Brenton, you can send me that fifty bucks now for saying such nice things about you on the blog.

6.  If you leave the Elbow Room team alone at your house for 5 days, while you go on vacation, you may receive a video text like this one:

Well, that's one way to accomplish an office makeover.

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Erika Trevathan said...

Loved this post. Too funny about saying 'postman'! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award: