Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stitch Fix

I did something a little bit rash.

(Don't act like you're surprised.)

Recently, I heard about a personal styling company called Stitch Fix on a blog that I stalk, and was all, personal styling?  For $20? Trying on clothes without a toddler climbing the walls of a dressing room, digging in my purse, and waving around the tampons she found there as we leave?

Why yes.  Yes, please.

Basically, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service, that will send you 5 items per "fix," based on your personal style, "wardrobe holes," looks you want to try, etc. You pay $20 for your fix, and that money is then applied to any items you decide to keep.  

(If you don't keep anything, you're out $20.  But at least you have a fun story to tell, right?)

They kindly send you a prepaid envelope for any items you're returning, and you just drop it in the mail within 3 days of receiving your fix.  For those of us who may or may not be slightly lazy, averse to dressing room lighting, or disinclined to practice toddler-wrangling while trying on clothes, this is seriously a PERFECT solution.

The first step was to go online and sign up.  Which I did, oh probably, I don't know,  about five seconds after hearing about it.  Within a day, I received an email questionnaire to fill know, questions like what's your style? what's your size? And, oh yeah, btw, if you lie and say you're a two when you're really a 6, nothing we send you will fit.

(I mean, who would ever want to lie about their size?  I mean, that's crazy talk, right?)


Anyway, after you fill out the survey, indicating your price range, desired style, any special items you want to request, etc, you just schedule your fix for whenever you want!  And then, on a glorious, sun-shiny day (or a humid, 104 degree day), you will receive THIS:

Who doesn't love and adore getting a package in the mail?
Especially when it's filled with fun goodies selected especially for you.

This silky blue tank was my first item in the box.
Although I am completely obsessed with the styling cards they attach to every piece, I wasn't so much obsessed with the color of the top, particularly on my pasty white skin.

2nd item: Silky yellow blouse with a cut-out in the back.
Actually loved this one, but again, color was definitely not cute with my sadly pale complexion. 

3rd item was a cute oversized sweater-type thing. Somehow forgot to get a picture of that one. But since, A) I would literally probably melt within moments of stepping outside, and B) it was an unfortunate (on me) shade of oatmeal, I decided to send that one back too. 

Ouch.  0 for 3 at this point, so I moved on to......

Items 4 and 5: Cute chunky turquoise necklace, and a striped kimono-sleeved cardigan.
I was HIGHLY obsessed with both of these pieces, thus, they are the only ones you're actually going to see on my body.

I styled the cardigan the way that they showed in the style cards, with jeggings, a long white slouchy t-shirt, and some booties (can't really see them all that well in the photo.)   

I decided my messy closet wasn't the best backdrop for a photo, so I headed downstairs to take a photo in the only other full-length mirror we own.  

(Did I mention that those darn booties actually nearly killed me on my way down the stairs?  I'm thinking I'll be styling the outfit without them next time.)

(Incidentally, they also showed this cardigan with a cute maxi dress and gladiator sandals...LOVE.)

 Ultimately, I decided to only keep the cardigan.  I was literally twitching as I put the chunky necklace in the return envelope, BUT I do own something similar and at $40, it just wasn't worth it in the end.
I think the cardigan was $68, but since I had already paid $20 for my "fix," I only owed them $48.  And you can specify price ranges before they send you anything, so if your budget is less $200 per top, and more $20 per top, you let them know and they stay within your range.  Win-win.

It was really fun, and I'm already planning to do it again soon.  If you're interested at all, go check out their website and sign up.  You can do it once and not be obligated again, since you don't have to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Sorry to get all infomercial-y, but I tend to get excited about things that I think are fun, and subsequently decide everyone I know should try it immediately.

So.  Try it.  Immediately.

Happy Wednesday!  

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