Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Survival

Well, I survived the pumpkin patches.  Yep.  I said "patches."  As in, plural.  And by survived, I mean, that I survived the 31,000 pictures taken, the unbearably hot weather, and a gaggle of toddlers and babies in various stages of meltdown at any given moment.

Clearly, I should be given a medal.

(Or at least a nap).

Pumpkin Patch #1:  Berry Patch Farm

We went with Rod, Kristin, and baby Riley.  I decided, it's fall, darn it!  I shall clothe myself in boots and a sweater.

And then, apparently I shall sweat my rear off (unfortunately not literally), while we take pictures that I ultimately look horrible in.  But AG got to ride a pony, and that is what counts.

Or something like that.

Y'all.  No lie, the temp was about 80 that day.
This was 5 seconds before sweat started dripping down my forehead.

Also, love how AG's all like, "EXCUSE ME.  Who are you, and why are you taking our picture?!"

C'mon.  Those cheeks!  Love.

This is her, "PLEASE QUIT ASKING ME TO SMILE" smile.
Works for me.

Pumpkin Patch #2:  Norcross Presbyterian Church

Our small group got together for a 30ish minute window and frantically tried to grab cute pics of the kiddos amidst pumpkins, which is an experience not dissimilar to herding cats.

See what I mean?
(They know they can get away with it because they're so darn cute.)
I have to say, this picture is a great representation of our time at the pumpkin patch:
Almost no one looking at the camera, but lots of laughter.

Clearly overwhelmed with all the choices.  

I am all about an awkward leg grab to hide my car keys. 

I found myself having the following conversation with AG.  Repeatedly.

Me:  Ally Grace, sit down next to this pumpkin for me!

AG:  Where's Caleb?

Me:  No seriously, hug the pumpkin and smile.  

AG:  I wanna go play WITH CALEB.  

Me:  (While gritting my teeth, determined to get a picture if it ENDS me) Just smile one time and then we'll be done.

AG:  (Lips clamped firmly together in determination, while scanning the crowd for Caleb).

Me:  Fine.  I will give you some fruit snacks, if you will JUST SMILE.

No judging people.  I was desperate.

AG:  (Grabs that pumpkin like her little life depends on it, and grins from ear to ear.....for one brief moment in time.)  

Which unfortunately my camera misses.  Although it does capture a great shot of her streaking off to find Caleb.

Apparently, Kerie is a magician and can coerce a smile out of her.
Or maybe she just had some fruit snacks in her pocket.

Seriously, though, it was precious to see these kids running around together, since we have all arranged their marriages and will eventually form our own commune in the country we know they will be life-long friends.

But, I'm not gonna lie.  I put AG down for a nap as soon as we got home, threw myself onto the couch, pounded some mini-Crunch bars, and zoned out watching an episode of Glee.

I earned it.

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