Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear blog-readers,

Ally Grace here.  What?  You didn't think I could type?  I know, I'm pretty advanced for an 8-month old.

So, yesterday I asked mommy if I could get on here and wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day.  She said something about how we had to wait until today, or else everyone would be too shocked that we managed to write a timely Father's Day post.  (What does "timely" mean, anyway?  My mommy said she didn't know.)

Anyway, I REALLY love my dad.  He's the most fun! Not only does he tickle me and make me squeal, sometimes he even let's me ride around on his shoulders.  Then, I'm taller than him AND mommy! 

He also loves to sing to me.  The other day, he was singing me a bunch of oldies.  (Mommy says that he IS 32, so that's kind of appropriate.)  I especially love it when he sings that song, Miss Grace.  (By the way, do you know what "satin and perfume and lace" means?  I wish I knew more words.  But at least I know how to type, right?)

I love you, daddy.  As evidenced by the way I call everything "dadadadada."  (I do that just for you.)

Happy (belated) Father's Day!

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