Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(Nearly) 30, Flirty, and Covered in Baby Barf.

Dear blog-reader,

I have now been projectile vomited on FIVE times in about 3 days.  And by "on" I mean "soaked."  I just thought someone should know.  In light of this fact, I have decided that I will mentally go to my happy place and blog about my current wish list. 

(Notice how being covered in baby vomit is not on there.)

(Also notice that in about 2 months, I will turn THIRTY.  Which I have decided can definitely be considered late-twenties.  I've also been trying to convince John that in honor of this horrendous momentous event, he should turn the month of August into Thirty Days of Sherri.  He's not really on board with that yet.)

But just in case he decides to be, I'm coincidentally and not at all purposefully posting a wish list of some things that I think would make ideal options for birthday gifts.

Did you hear that, John?  Ideal.  Ahem.

1.  How adorable is this Stella & Dot necklace?  I am fairly certain it wants to live on my neck.

2. If ever there was a piece of clothing that I felt was taken right out of my mind and placed in a store, it's this Free People shirt

3. I do believe these Frye boots need no explanation.  I've wanted these for about 5 years now, but haven't been entirely sure that they would A) fit around my huge man-calves, and B) drop out of the sky into my closet, because Lord knows, they are nowhere even remotely close to the budget.

However.  I am almost 30 and I can dream.

4. This may possibly be the most perfect jacket on the planet.  I am in love with all things lululemon,and would be thrilled to find it in my vicinity on or near August 18th. 

5. Um, yes.  It's been over a year since we moved into our house and no, we STILL do not have our dining room chairs.  I need two of these and two of these to finish the set.  I should also mention that I find it very difficult to include something that I NEED on a WISH list.  I'm not exactly the person that wants to give someone the vacuum cleaner that they've "really been needing" for their birthday.

But I may or may not live with that person.  Dining room chairs, here we come.

And we can now change the baby vomit tally to 6. 



Chunky Monkey said...

If I don't get soaked in spit up at least every feeding and a few times in between then it is not a full day around here! All that to say, it could be worse...

Jenny said...

If not for your birthday, then you definitely deserve new clothes for putting up with baby barf!

The Parkers said...

I'm having a S & D party in mid-July! It'll be PERFECT timing for you to come w/ {John's} cash in hand and buy yourself one or a few presents! :) Happy early Bday!

carolineo said...

Oh, I so feel your pain!! I dont like all that spitting up though- I hope she is A-OK by today! Give her get well kisses from me!!