Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, I know you'll all feel appropriately sorry for me when I tell you that for the last week, I was here.....

Clearly, it was rough.

I made it through the flights without too many crazy freakouts, although I did feel the need to constantly ask John if he thought Ally Grace would forget me after 7 days.  I'm sure this wasn't annoying at all. 

(Guess what?  She didn't.)

It does, however, seem that she's gained about ten pounds and is almost as tall as I am now.  Well, not really, but let's all remember my flair for the slightly dramatic.

Since I am Ms. Paranoid Patty, I didn't want to blog about being away for seven days, as I felt that it would be the equivalent of a giant neon sign on my front door that said, HEY BURGLARS, COME STEAL ALL OF OUR STUFF!  IT'S MOSTLY FROM TARGET AND IKEA, BUT NO ONE'S HERE TO STOP YOU.

(As a side note, I would like to tell any potential burglars out there that we are now home, along with our 100lb, ferocious when he needs to be, and did I mention HUGE?, dog.  Plus, our pimped out alarm system that includes a sniper tower on the roof.  Or not.  But that would be really cool, and don't think I haven't asked our alarm company about the possibility.)

So, since I have been MIA for the last week, I'll fill you in on what I've been up to.  List form, get excited!

1.  Lounging poolside in the Bahamas.  Hate me?  Yeah, I would too.

2.  Missing my baby, like, completely out of control, crazy.  I think I had a dream about her every single night I was away.  Plus the requisite guilt that goes along with leaving your baby so that you can do something frivolous and fun.

How do you NOT miss this?

3.  Wearing my hair curly every day.  Yikes.  Sherri's hair+humidity=mega ugly frizz.

4.  Almost missing our flight to the Bahamas.  Having to THROW AWAY every product I had packed because we were too late to check our bags.  Nearly crying as I threw away full bottles of Khiels, La Roche-Posay, and an UNOPENED bottle of (admittedly cheap, but still) sunscreen.  Not to mention the only product that keeps my hair manageable when worn curly (Herbal Essences, Tousle Me Softly.  And, ew. Obviously, I do not buy it for the name.)

5.  Paying approximately 95 dollars for sunscreen down in Eleuthra, due to having thrown mine away in the Atlanta airport security line.

6.  Searching the entire island for approximately 95 hours trying to find any form of a non-frizz spray.  Because did I mention that I had to THROW MINE AWAY at the airport? 

Why, yes.  I believe I did.

7.  Getting "is she for real?" looks when I would pop into little shops to ask for hair products. 

8.  Eventually realizing that since I don't, in fact, have a weave, I was totally out of luck.

9.  Getting completely eaten by these tiny little bugs that I really couldn't identify, but am hoping they didn't carry malaria or anything else scary.

10.  Taking pictures of John while he was sleeping.  I know he'll be so happy that I posted these.  Or not.

I also got this great shot of his armpit hair.  Because I am mature.

11.  Jumping straight into the ocean after a REALLY hot run. 

12.  Bringing home mildewed tennis shoes, because number 11 clearly wasn't very well planned out.

A few other photos from our trip:

How cute is this little mirror set-up?

So, Sherri, what did you think of the Lost finale? 

What?  This isn't posed. 
We totally always kiss while standing in front of beautiful beaches.

Sign at our favorite restaurant, Sherrill's. 
I think it's fairly appropriate for most situations.

Up WAY too early, but managed to catch a very sleepy (and crooked) glimpse of the sunrise. 

Um, I want to go to Camp Bahamas.  Where can I sign up, please?

If I lived here, pretty sure I'd be jumping for joy too. 

Back to the real world.....for now.  Would it be rash to move to the Bahamas for awhile?

Don't answer that.


carolineo said...

Yes that would be rash!! Unless you plan on toting about one hundred and @#$% lbs. of Omastiak woman and child with you! Then its, like, practially a common sense decision. :) LOVE these photos and your getaway week. We are due for a date!

Melanie said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts! Your humor cracks me up! I am snorting (AT WORK!!!!) over the armpit hair picture - because I'm mature too!
So happy that you had a great time!!! Looks awesome!
BTW, I think your hair looks really good in the pics!

Have a great week!

Angela Andrews said...

Saw you snapped a pic of one of our multicolored Camp Bahamas buses. Hope you enjoyed your stay on Eleuthera! Camp Bahamas is a Christian sports camp for Bahamian teenagers situated on a little strip of land that runs sea to sea just south of Savannah Sound. Stop in next time you are on the island...we'd love to say Hi! :)