Monday, November 22, 2010

13.5 Months

Dear Ally Grace,

You’re 13.5 months old! I know, I know, most moms do this at major milestones, like 12 or 18 months. Some moms even do this every single month….all I can say is, you clearly don’t have most moms.

(Unless “most moms” include those who watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, eat too much candy, and are a little OCD about stainless steel wipes.)

(I’m sure there are others like me out there.)


You DO have a mom who loves you like crazy. And may or may not embarrass you in the future.

(Secretly, I sort of look forward to that.)

Anyway, you are SO big these days! (Literally, SO big. My arm is starting to go numb when I carry you around…if you could just start walking, that would be great.)

(On the other hand, if you could just stop the growing up, that would be great too.)


It seems like you just woke up the other day saying about 37 new words. Some of your favorites:

Mama (clearly)
JaJa (Jackson)
Grrrr (okay, I know it’s not an actual word, but it’s so darn cute to watch her point to a bear and go “grrr,” that I had to include it. Another favorite is “baaaa.”)

And I can’t think of any other words, even though I know there are more. Which is what happens when you forget to blog for 2 weeks.

Your LOVE reading books…..hallelujah! You will crawl into my lap with a book, and make me read it to you. Over and over.

And over.

Your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Or as you call it: “Grrrrrr, Grrrrrr.” Sometimes I have to hide it just so you’ll do something else for a few minutes.

(Or because mommy has it memorized, and by the 37th time she reads it, wants to literally poke her eyes out.)

You also really love to dance. You come by that honestly, since your dad and I will clearly one day be the embarrassing old people on the dance floor, trying to “get down with the young folk.”

(This will definitely happen at your wedding.)

(A little something to look forward to.)

You’re eating all regular people food, drinking whole milk, and almost, almost walking! You love your push Disney Princess car, and will push it until you run into something. At which point you look up at me and say, “uh oh.” Totally and completely adorable.

You are so fun these days! And just when I think it can’t get better, it does. Like today, when I found a little mini-dreadlock matted into the back of your hair.

I mean, it doesn’t really get more fun than that.

(You may be sporting some baby dreads this Thanksgiving.)

I love you, you little 13.5 month old presh!

Your adoring mother, who sometimes acts crazy, and may occasionally come up with some weird meal combinations, but at the end of the day, will do absolutely anything for you.

Including cutting off your baby dreadlock.


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Melanie said...

LOVE IT!!! She is so adorable!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweet friend!