Friday, November 12, 2010

Octoberween-ish, with Some Beach and Other Stuff

Last week, out of nowhere, AG literally started doing baby sign-language.  And I was all, OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT MY BABY GIRL!!!  MY MOTHERING SKILLS MUST BE SO AMAZING!! 


I mean, I had only worked on sign language a handful of times before I got lazy  inconsistent distracted (by something important, I'm sure).  AG must literally be a baby genius to have picked it up so quickly.

While picking AG up from preschool on Tuesday, I casually mentioned her new skillz to her teacher.  Who then promptly told me that they had been working baby sign language for the last few months, and HOW EXCITING that Ally Grace was finally picking it up!


But none of that really has to do with the last month, which I am about to boldly recap in list form.  I might even do something rash and throw letters in with the numbers.

I'm crazy like that.

After AG's bday party, we went on a beach trip with the Bagwells.  It was awesome!  And hopefully they still want to hang out with us, even though I managed to be a grandma and fall asleep at 9:30 every night. 

Look how crazy brave we were, with all 3 kids! 

I love how AG's all "haaaaayyyyy, girl, what's up?"

The boys got to have swinging contests.......

And the girls got to play on the seesaw......

....right before THIS happened.  (No baby was harmed in the making of this picture.  Although a certain mommy may or may not have run over screaming, WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?  After picking herself up off the ground of course, b/c what you didn't see was Sherri on her rear end on the other side).  

The trip was awesome, and we loved every minute....thanks for having us, Betsy and Brad!

By the way, the day we left the beach was our SIXTH anniversary!  Sitting in the car with a baby who is not shy about letting us know she's unhappy in her car seat is JUST the way we imagined spending it.

Or not.

But we DID get to go out on a date that night at Craftbar.  (Much better anniversarying, in my opinion.)

Bahahaha, do you not love the painting behind us?!  My favorite part is how the cow seems to be sniffing my hair.  That's some artful picture-taking, my friend.

After that, we ended up at the movie Life As We Know It.  Which, in spite of John's constant boo-hooing, was great.

(Wait, what?  That wasn't John? 
I really can't remember exactly what happened.)

Finally, at the end of October, my brother-in-law, got married!  It was a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom looked amazing, and the band did a really awesome rendition of "Low." Unfortunately, I have NO pictures from the night, except this one that Jenny took:

I promise we're not being creepers, Kerie was actually just days away from delivering Mary Sloan, and we were trying to coax her to come out and join the fun.

And how could I FORGET Halloween?

We dressed AG up as an adorable little monkey, and then used her cuteness to scam our neighbors out of Halloween candy. 


And let's just be honest, here's what I mainly did last month:

This little, almost-walking, presh takes up all my time these days, but is so incredibly worth it. 

Whew, what else?!  It was such a busy month.  I apparently got overwhelmed with everything I wanted to blog about, and decided to cope by watching tivoed episodes of Private Practice and Vampire Diaries. 

(Which is obviously efficient, and probably the very key to handling stress.)

I promise to do better this month, blog-readers.  I'll make sure to keep you updated on the fun and exciting happenings of my life.  Like the other day, when this girl was like, oh I could never pull off your outfit, but it's so cute on you,  which I am pretty sure really means, your outfit is butt ugly and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. 

Yeah.  Exciting things like that.
(And I just realized that this list thing never happened.  My apologies to all you list-lovers out there.)


carolineo said...

Whew!!! My relief at finally having some idea of what has been going on with my favorite Dickens' is almost overwhelming!! Seriously! I MISS YOU!! You must give that sweet pea a hug from me and Reid. DATE ASAP!

Bagwell's said...

You were the best beach-goers ever! Love yall! And I need to see Miss Presh, Asap.