Friday, November 5, 2010

Did You Know.....

.....that our newly opened local Costco sells Rock and Republic jeans for EIGHTY-EIGHT dollars!?!?!?!
I might have had a hot flash while looking at them.  And I'm not sure why that would even make sense, but I said it, and I'm leaving it. 

When I told John that $88 for R&R's was about the same as giving them away on the corner for free, he didn't buy it.  Nor did he fail to notice when I casually tried to sneak them into the cart.

WHY are men so perceptive when it's inconvenient?

I have a LONG blog post coming soon.  Involving all of October.  I know this makes you want to either
A) wait excitedly for me to quit being so lazy and upload some pictures
B) run for the hills, because we all know I can get my word on.

Yes, I embarrass myself.

Happy Friday!


Melanie said...

get your word on, girl! I wondered where you've been! :)

Happy Friday to you, friend!

Lauren said...

I definitely fall under category A! Can't wait!

Kat said...

A. Can't wait.
B. You need to blog more!
C. Why? Because you are
D. Da Bomb.

(and now I'm the blog stalking weirdo)

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

I guess it's good for the ole bank account that my child screams bloody murder when we get within 50 feet of any place mom can shop! But as soon as she grows out of this (please God), we are going to Costco!!