Thursday, October 27, 2011

Potty Advice?

Well, not for me.  I'm pretty sure I know how to use the potty already.

(Although, if I didn't, I wouldn't exactly be putting it out there on the blog, now would I?)

I'm about to start potty-training a certain little 2-year old, despite my pediatrician's advice that I should wait until she's 3. 

(Also, despite my deep fear of having to clean up an "accident," and not one of the pee-variety.) 

So, I come to you once again, asking for advice.  And like before, I am not particularly concerned about whether you ARE a mom, and have actually tried said advice.  If you saw it on an episode of Teen Mom, and it looked like a pretty good idea, I'm game.

But I need help.

And probably prayers.

(And maybe some hardcore cleaning products.)

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Libby said...

I am a mom of 3 girls. The first two potty trained at 33 months and the youngest was 3. We did them all in a weekend. We made sure we were where we could focus on the potty all weekend. We pushed a lot of fluids to make them need to use the potty, so that we would get lots of practice over the weekend. We did not bother with pull ups just panties. We used the regular potty at home, and only messed with the potty seat in the car if needed. We still used diapers at bed time though. M&Ms or skittles are good to use as a reward for going to the potty. Invest in a lot of panties and be patient. Good luck.