Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun and Food Poisoning

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  Or, as I like to call it, Happy "Eat as Much Chocolate As You Want, Because Calories SO Don't Count Today" Day.

I hope you all got to wake up to something this cute......

(Okay.  I didn't really wake up to this.  Clearly, I was the one who dressed her, as a daddy dress-up day usually consists of jeans under a dress, with leggings on top, and tennis shoes.....or something else equally disastrous adorable.)

So, I could tell you about how last night, I got all Pinterest-y crafty up on some valentines for AG's class at school.

(Which I did.  Mostly to overcompensate for last year, when I was the mom who totally forgot what day it was, didn't send her child in with Valentines for anyone, and then later was all, OH.  So that's why they sent the class list home last week.)

Yep.  I am THAT mom.

But, instead I want to tell you about our weekend.

Friday, after round 2 of Cavity Maintenance, I treated myself to a much-deserved dinner of french fries and a McFlurry.

Because I'm healthy like that.

Saturday was just laid-back fun.  It was the kind of day where I crash "daddy-daughter Saturday breakfast date" and turn it into a family date.  The kind of day where the waitress tells me, "Your daughter definitely has your eyes."  (NOT that my eyes are so great or anything.  But just that, after 9 months of pregnancy junk and a full day of labor, among other things, it's just kinda nice to hear that your daughter actually looks like you.  Even a little.)

It was also the kind of Saturday where you get a babysitter at the last minute (thank you, Jessica!!), and somehow trick your husband into seeing the Vow with you.  

(Oh yes, John, I heard there were some awesome fight scenes in this movie.  I think it's about the Vow that Navy Seals take, or something like that. And there are definitely some things that blow up. Maybe.)


It was the kind of date where you just have FUN together.  Lots of laughter, and joking, and being so sickeningly in love that you don't even notice Channing Tatum's abs flashing across the big screen.

(Seriously. That is LOVE, am I right, ladies?)

After the movie, we went to a new restaurant and thought, hey-let's be adventurous and get a fun appetizer!  What's that?  The mussels are TO DIE FOR?  WHY YES.  LET'S HAVE THOSE.

And, you know what?  Those mussels actually made me want to die early Sunday, as I was puking them back up.

Which pretty much sums up the rest of my weekend.

How was yours?

Hopefully it involved fun, and not food poisoning.

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