Friday, February 10, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

You know those people who are able to go through a difficult situation, and seem to naturally exhibit nothing but grace and good attitudes?

I've discovered I'm not one of them.

I mean, I want to be.  I try to stay positive, and be thankful for the blessings I've been given, instead of focusing on the ones I haven't. (Like cavity-free teeth, for instance).

But, when I wake up in middle of the night to a toothache that makes me wonder if a family of tiny sledgehammers has moved into my mouth and started pounding away, my general reaction isn't thankfulness.

It's more like, does it hurt bad enough to walk downstairs, pop a painkiller, eat a brownie (because CLEARLY you shouldn't take painkillers on an empty stomach. Duh.), and risk running into the imaginary burglar that I'm just positive is going to jump out at me from behind our couch?

(Because I'm rational like that.)

So, now I'm off to the dentist for the THIRD time in as many weeks, and I. AM. OVER. IT.

Plus, I don't have any more Ryan Reynolds movies to watch, and is there a certain point at which laughing gas treatments might become a problem? Hmmmm......

So, blog-friends....tell me something good.  Or funny.  Or happy.  Or tell me about how you have perfect teeth with no cavities, even though you NEVER, EVER floss.

Actually, don't tell me that.


Jesse Hake said...

Well, only a few have probably had perfect, cavity-free teeth from birth to old age. So don't be depressed if you get one on any of yours. As long as you do proper oral care daily, you can have close to perfect teeth, especially when you smile.

Bekah said...

Hey there! I just started reading your blog...came over from Only a Breath. YOU are hilarious!! :) I have no perfect teeth story for you. In fact, I have some pretty comical dental stories. But to make you laugh (or maybe at least smile) in the meantime, here's one for you. I'm the producer for a women's radio show, and I'm pretty new to the world of radio. A few weeks ago I officially began my blooper reel.

Here is the story:

And if you need a second laugh, here's my latest adventure in an airport. (It's always something with me in the land of travel):

Stephanie said...

I have nothing positive or enlightening to offer you. Only that with each and every one of your hilarious posts, I find we are more and more alike. Except that I'm not so huckin filarious as you are. {...and I promise I'm not a stalker b/c saying "oh, we're sooooooo much alike, yada yada yada, can come off kind of flirty and strange, no?}

so to commiserate:

I have no less than a million cavities, I've had a million filled in my lifetime and will have at least 4 appointments {already scheduled} to fill more this year! I even had the "rare" cavities in my baby teeth - I am so VERY special. I brush with PRESCRIPTION toothpaste and tryyyyyy to floss regularly - but I have supposed weak enamel? Whatever, it's lame.

They also want to take my wisdom teeth since they seem to be the culprits of some of the decay since it's hard to brush them excellently, but I DON'T WANNA HAVE DENTAL SURGERY!!! You feel me?

and no one has ever offered me laughing gas at one of those million appointments. I am jealous and b/c of you I'm requesting it next time!

also, I love that "your coffee tastes like a doughnut". your husband's analogy is perfect and I now use it to describe my daily cream with a little coffee as well. my mom and hubs need to get off my back for that little vice. they overreact to the point that you'd think I'm lacing my coffee with crack. perspective, people!