Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for Some Announcements....

(....and NO, I'm not pregnant.)

(You totally went there in your mind though, didn't ya?)

(I would have.) 

(Which may be why I said it.  Apparently, I'm dramatic like that.)

But for real, I have a few announcements.  Which means.....IT'S TIME FOR A LIST!
(Try to contain yourselves.)

Announcement #1:  On Valentine's Day, I learned that my husband has been hiding something from me these last 8 years.  Namely, that he has skillz in the kitchen, y'all.  

While I cuddled this little presh......

He made beef wellington for me.  With sherried mushrooms, puff pastry, and Pâté .


(I mean, what IS Pâté anyway?)

(And please don't tell me if it's something like cow brains or intestine spread, or something like that, okay?)

I pretty much ascribe to the "If It Has Too Many Ingredients and/or Steps, I'm Not Gonna Cook It" school of thought.  

So, happy Valentines Day, babe!  My gift to you is all future cooking in this household.  You can thank me later.

Announcement #2:  One of my best friends, Kristin, had a baby GIRL!  WOO HOO!  Her name's Riley, she's SUPER PRESH, and I've been trying not to be the kind of weirdo who just shows up at their house 15 times a day to hold her.  

(I would put a picture on here, but I'm also trying not to be the kind of weirdo that puts pictures of other peoples kids on the Internet without their permission. I'm also guessing there may be some kind of law about that.  Sooooo....just trust me, she's presh!)

Announcement #3:   We're going to be on HGTV!

(I know, I can't believe they picked us either.)  

(See above re: weirdos)

I'm also not sure how much I'm allowed to say, since none of the show has been filmed yet, but we've been going through the selection process for the last month and just found out about a week ago.  

It's for a new show that will air this summer (I think), and I'll be sure to guilt trip y'all into watching it  let you know when it's on.  What I can say, is that they are addressing our current office situation.  

Otherwise known as "Can Two People Work Simultaneously Out of a Shoebox?"

(The answer is no.)

Or perhaps it's known as "How Many More Times Can John Interrupt My Work to Ask Me To Dial A Number For Him?"

(The answer is NOT MANY.)

Anyway, despite my tendency to immediately turn into a huge, weird-voiced goober the minute someone turns a video camera on, I think it'll be fun.  

Or else, I'll look like a weirdo.  

But then again, you knew that already, didn't you?

Wish us luck!  (And wish me a normal sounding voice, while you're at it.)


melanie said...

That's SO EXCITING!!!!!! I can't wait to watch it!!!

... and I am IMPRESSED by the valentine's day meal! (Although now I'm a little disappointed by my mac n cheese skills) :)


Lauren Lefevre said...

you are going to be on HGTV?! i feel like i am now friends with a celebrity! i want to hear more details and will totally be stalking you from texas via television. :)

Stephanie said...

How exciting?! CONGRATS!! There's no one I'd rather see on HGTV - can't wait to watch it!!

Audra said...

New follower here. Oh my goodness, CONGRATS on being on HGTV. I love love love that channel...so jealous!

And haha about the alarm. Ours went off one time because a balloon flew past the sensor. It scare the bejeezus out of us but hey, at least we know it works ;-)