Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Weekend that Almost Wasn't

This weekend, (What? It's not appropriate to blog about your weekend, when it's already Thursday of the following week?  Well, it took me this long to actually recover from our weekend.  Which is saying a lot.)

ANYWAY.....this weekend, we went up to Highlands, NC for a little Valentine's Day getaway.

(Yes, we know it's not Valentine's Day anymore.)

(You may have noticed our penchant for doing things belatedly.  Like blogging about our weekend, for example.)

We dropped AG off at my parents house on our way up.  After getting back on the road, we decided to start our weekend off right, by grabbing a nice healthy lunch at Zaxby's.

(If by "healthy,"  I mean, "a lunch of only Texas toast, french fries, and Zax's sauce.")

After literally wrestling with John over his piece of Texas toast (which he was going to THROW AWAY. What is wrong with him?), he gets a phone call.

From our alarm company.

Letting us know that our alarm has been triggered and they are sending the police.

After hyperventilating into a paper bag waiting a few minutes, we get word that the police are there, have checked all the doors, windows, and interior of our house, and that everything is completely fine/undisturbed.

Deciding that it was a glitch, we head on up to Highlands, and begin our afternoon of fun.  (a.k.a. afternoon of shopping.  a.k.a. John's worst nightmare.) An hour or two later, we get ANOTHER CALL.


Letting us know that our alarm has been triggered and they are sending the police. 

We learn from the alarm company that it is one of our interior sensors that has been going off, and immediately I begin thinking through logical and completely possible scenarios.

Here's what I came up with:

A) A bug and/or critter is setting off a motion sensor.  (Which causes me to question whether I really want to go back home if there's something big enough to activate a motion sensor wandering around our house?  Um, no. I do not.)

B) Someone is hiding inside the house, and popping out to eat our snacks? Watch TV? Jump on beds?  At some point, I may or may not have questioned John about the possibility of someone hiding in our duct work.

At which point, he shot me the "are you nuts?" look (with which I am very familiar), and made fun of my paranoia gently reassured me that would be impossible, unless that person was the size and weight of a tiny doll.

(The good thing is that our local police were at our house within minutes, nothing was disturbed either time, and we now know that an extremely windy day is the perfect test for what is obviously a kick-butt alarm system, that may or may not be designed to give me a heart attack.)

And that was only our first three hours of the trip.

After reassuring John that we could go on a hike the next morning, to make up for the afternoon of shopping and hyperventilating, I woke up Saturday morning to......some super intense back pain.

Do you know what you can't do when you throw your back out?


Do you know what you CAN do?

Lay around on an ice pack, popping Advil like candy, and watching Alaska State Troopers.

We did manage to have some fun anyway, due largely to stuffing our face at an amazing restaurant, an afternoon massage (back pain may have some benefits), and a front desk that has a 24-hour, all you can eat supply of Dove ice cream bars.

(Best. idea. ever.)

We only took 3 pictures, since we have clearly fallen victim to the "now we have a child and can only be bothered to take pictures of her" syndrome.

We stayed here....notice the stellar photo composition, which includes the hood of my car, plus the antenna.  I'm a real artist.

Here's the scenic view of the inside of my car.  Really, Sherri?  You're in a gorgeous mountain setting, and this is what you come up with? Nice.

And finally, we accosted the turn down service lady, and asked her to take our picture....inside of our room.  We are nothing if not creative.

(And paranoid.)

(And still searching my house for bugs and critters, just in case.)


Melanie said...

I'm so sorry you are having back problems!!! Bless your heart! The inn looks gorgeous and you guys are SO cute! :) I'm sure it was nice to be together anyway but I hope you feel 100% soon.

Now for the important part -- I LOVE your hair color! You need to send me details of what your stylist does because I've decided to go blonder for spring! YAY! :)

Hugs! (and prayers!!!)

Stephanie said...

Hey girl!

I "made you a blog button" and then used it on the sidebar of my blog... this all sounds so strange but should hopefully be a little clearer with my blog post coming this morning at 7 am.

I'm giving away advertising for a donation in return to help a family who lost their home to the tornados in KY. I used you as an example of how someone could still participate even if they didn't have "a blog button". My homemade button isn't excellent... but it counts! haha

Hope this isn't absurd. Actually I know it is... just hoping you don't judge me! You were just my most favorite blog I wanted to feature ;)

Have a great week!