Monday, March 5, 2012

This Is Important....

....and not at all funny, today.  Sorry, guys.

I know so many of you know someone, or were affected yourselves, by the tornadoes that came through the southeast last Friday.  I can't even begin to imagine the terror that the tornado victims and their families experienced, and the pain they feel as the recovery process begins.  My prayers go out to all of you!

My friend Stephanie, over at A Blue-Eye Boy Met a Brown-Eyed Girl, is heading up an effort to help a specific family (who lost everything during the storms) in her home state of Kentucky.  Please go check it out!  She's also listed a whole host of other ways to donate to the relief efforts, so check those out as well.

(Also, her blog is just plain awesome, and I kind of stalk it on the regular, won't be sorry).

You may have noticed that I don't normally post about sad things, personal or otherwise.  It's not because I'm not aware of them, or because I don't experience them, it's just that I've tended to avoid some of the sadness in the world, by focusing on the things I can laugh about during the day.

Maybe it's time to change that.  At least for today.

I love Jesus, and I believe that He has called me to not only love Him, but to love others.  And yes, even those that I may not actually know, or may only know through the Internet.

(Which totally does NOT make me a creeper, by the way.)

(I hope.)

So, today I'm going to love someone I've never met (again, not in the creeper-ish way that it sounded) and head on over to Stephanie's blog, and donate.

I hope you will too.

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Lauren Lefevre said...

Sherri, Thanks SO much for sharing Stephanie's post with us. I just emailed her about donating and creating a button for Edit. What a creative idea to raise money! I am excited to be a small part of helping this family and town recover from the horrific devastation.