Monday, March 19, 2012



Tooth pain has got to be one of the worst kinds of pain. Including childbirth. And waxing.  Seriously.

It's even worse than the pain I feel when watching some poor girl go on and on about the "connection" she's found on the Bachelor.

(Although that might actually be embarrassment, and not pain.)

(It's still painful to watch though.)

I've spent most of my waking minutes since Saturday night feeling as if I would like to punch through a wall, because my jaw hurts so badly.  Except that A) that would be totally counterproductive, and would likely add to my pain by breaking my hand or something, and B) might actually be just a tad bit of a scary overreaction.

So.  I won't do that.

I will go take my 37th Advil of the day, and try to make it until this afternoon's emergency root canal.


Dear Root Canal Specialist,

Thank you for working me in today.  Truthfully, you're lucky I didn't just show up at your house this morning like a stalker, begging you to put me out of my tooth-related misery.  Since I didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes last night, but DID take a rather large amount of painkillers, I am both groggy AND extremely irritable at the same time.  Lucky you.  Clearly, I will be such a joy to work on today.

I hope you have truckloads of laughing gas available. As well as some Ryan Reynolds.  

Your most desperate patient, who will love you forever if you can make this go away.  

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Adriane said...

Sherri! Oh my gosh! I am completely in a newborn fog and in need of a good laugh and I did just that!

Hope you made it through, painfree, and that you are finding some relief!