Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Loud Time, Mommy....

The other day, AG ran up to me and yelled, "It's LOUD time, Mommy!"

Why yes.  Yes, I do believe I've noticed.

Toddlers are intimidating, am I right?  One minute, they're all sweetness and cuddles, and asking to "snuggle," and then the next minute, they're screaming, NO!  Or telling you that they "don't want a kiss right now, Mommy."   Or maybe they're just wildly running from the front door to the back door, and hey, maybe even throwing in some laps around the coffee table just for fun.

I mean, not that OUR toddler ever does things like that.

Except that she does.

At almost 2 and a half years old, she is quite the comedian these days.  Some of my favorite Ally Grace-isms from lately:

"Say thank you to me, Mommy."  Can you tell that we're working on manners these days?

"I need that knife, Mommy."  Um, no Bon qui qui, I'm pretty sure you don't.

"Jackson!  Cooperate with me, Jackson!"   I sort of lost it on this one. Watching our pint-sized little presh boss our 100lb dog around made my entire day.

(He may listen to her better than he listens to me, actually).

Here are a few pictures to document this time in our lives, which I like to refer to as "Hey, Who Are You, and What Did You Do With Our Calm Little Angel?"

Alternately titled: "Where Did I Put Those Books On Discipline Again?  And Can Someone Get Me a Red Bull?"

Just introducing Ally Grace to a little place I like to call "Heaven on Earth."
(aka Anthropologie)
Just trying to be a good mom, over here.

Remember AG's photo shoot, almost a year ago now?
Well, the box finally came out!
That's her in the highchair, rocking her baby french twist.

I feel that the giraffe should be slightly concerned here,
as I'm pretty sure she's either going to hug him to death, or break his neck, kamikaze-style.
One or the other.

Oh, if only she would come out of her shell....

Me:  Yes, Ally Grace, you're so right.  Menswear is all the rage this season.
Pair it with some footie pajamas and it's so totally fetch.

AG:  Stop trying to make fetch happen, mommy!

And once again, we're back to the subject of poop.
But excuse me, WHAT?!?!  She went in the potty at school!
And now, I guess I need to re-read some of those books on potty training.

Maybe this time in our lives should really be called:
Potty Training: Do I REALLY Have To Clean Up (More) Poop Now?!

A couple of weeks ago, AG had a little stomach bug.  It literally lasted about 2 hours, and then she transformed back into a toddler energy tornado.  Coincidentally, she got sick right before she was supposed to go to school.  I got her a little bowl for any more "episodes" (since I'm not sure our rug is up to another round of being puked on).  I texted John this picture, to say "aw, look at our sick little baby. Isn't she pitiful?"

He texted back and said, "whatever.  She looks like she just got away with something."


Okay, every time I see this picture, I start to quietly hyperventilate, as I am mentally fast-forwarded to her teenage days.

Could she look any more grown up?  I promise, she is NOT wearing makeup in this.

(Although, I wouldn't put it past her to have taught herself how to do a smoky eye while pilfering through my makeup bag on the sly.)

So, as you can see, we're dealing with a beautiful, fashion-forward, Anthropologie-loving, little presh, who can rock a sneaky-face, AND poop in the potty.

The boys are going to love her.

We might need to look into home-schooling.

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