Friday, January 13, 2012

My Favorite Things (For the Moment, Anyway)

Okay people.  Please tell me that you notice what just happened here.

(No, it's not that I managed to talk about poop too much this week.)

(Although I did.)

I actually managed to post FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.

Let's just file that one under "unprecedented," and hope that you found it enjoyable and not annoyingly random, shall we?

We shall.

I thought it might be fun to do a Sherri's favorite things list.  It would have been extra fun if I had done this at a more opportune time of year.  Like prior to Christmas or my birthday.  But, since it's January and there's not a gift-giving occasion in sight for someone to utilize this list (you know who you are, husband),  I'll throw it out there just for kicks.

(You know, instead of "for annoying the heck out of someone who may just want to get me a present without many typed, double-spaced lists suggestions.)

I would also love to do this a la Oprah or Ellen, where I can be all "And everyone wins a year long supply of Frye boots! And marshmallows!  And stainless steel wipes!!"

But that might lead to just a tiny bit of financial distress in our marriage.

So.  I'll at least let you win the ability to click on the link and go view the items I'm talking about.  And perhaps purchase them with your very own credit cards.

I know.  I'm nice like that.

Sherri's Favorite Things:

1.  Frye Jane Stitch boots:  I love these boots so much I would literally marry them.  If by "literally," I mean "figuratively," since I'm guessing there's some kind of law against that.  I got a pair of these last Christmas, after physically drooling over them for many, many years.  Which was kind of awkward that time I went to Nordstrom to look at them.  Much to John's amusement, I lovingly store them after each wear in the tissue and box that they came in.

Yes, I do know that I'm a freak.

2.  Downy UNSTOPABLES:  These smell amazing!  I may or may not have recently been found in our laundry room with my nose stuffed inside the bottle.  More than once.

3.  Ugg Bailey Button Triplet:  Okay. I totally made fun of Uggs when they first came on the scene.  I was all, "why would anyone pay actual money to wear such ugly shoes?"  And then I slipped my foot into one.  And it was like wrapping clouds around my feet.

Besides. They totally class up my mom-uniform of "all gym clothes, all the time."  Right?  RIGHT?!

Moving on.....

4.  Serenity Stone Drops:  I can tell by the way these are looking at me that they are dying to make my ears their new home.

(Which actually sounds kind of creepy, because I have a not at all weird phobia about bugs making my ears their home while I sleep.  NOT that we have bugs or anything...but just because it's freakish enough to seem possible.)

5.  Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes:  These need no explanation.  See above re: literally marrying them.
Fryes, you have some competition.

6.  Pinterest:  Guess what?!  This one's free.  Until you (hypothetically, of course) start linking up to things that people have pinned on etsy, and (again, hypothetically) decide that you HAVE TO HAVE that pillow/lamp/ring/necklace, etc.


7. And last but not least, my Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System: First of all, it just sounds fancy.  A brewing system, instead of a coffeemaker?  Um, yes please.  It is literally one of my favorite inventions, second only to Tivo, the Internet, and the iPhone.

Again, I would probably marry it.

And apparently, I'm a product polygamist.

I'd love to hear some of your favorite products! Because obviously, I need to add to my list.  Or not.  And hey, if you wanna go all Ellen and Oprah, and just give them to me, I won't complain a bit.


Bagwell's said...

Ive put 4 hints in this week to Brad about those earrings. I have a feeling we will see lots of ladies with them. Such a great color....Buy yourself a treat - for having to deal with poop at an all new level this week. ANd yes, I was excited and surprised to see a 5th post. XOXO

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Okay so I fancy myself a pretty un-materialistic girl. I don't get too crazy about the latest trends (as evidenced by MY all gym, all the time wardrobe) but those EARRINGS. I saw them on Lauren's blog and have now used every card I've ever had (dear husband, do you KNOW how many stiches that doc had to use to repair the damage YOUR kid did?? Do you know how much POOP I wipe a day. I let you get a DOG!) Hoping they show up "just because"... KEEP POSTING.

Lauren said...

Sherri, I love your blog and honestly think you are one of the FUNNIEST writers I know. Know that I am enjoying your blog and laughing with you from Texas! XOXO.
P.S. Thanks for the Serenity Drop Earring love! They are amazing!