Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear Lady Who Cut Me Off the Other Day,

I really liked how you almost drove through the front of my car in an attempt to get in front of me.  That was really special.  

You know what was even more special?  

That one-fingered salute you shot my way, AFTER YOU WERE CLEARLY THE ONE IN THE WRONG.

And even more special than that?

Your license plate.  Which read SEEKHIM1.

Now.  I'm pretty sure that when you chose "SEEKHIM1" you intended to say "seek Him first", and were not advertising the fact that you're a stalker or something.   Although I could be wrong.

And again, I could be wrong (I'm not), but flipping off innocent drivers is probably not the way to "seek him first."  Why don't you check out Matthew 6:33 on that one, m-kay?


The VERY INNOCENT person driving down Howell Mill minding her own business, and again (for once) doing NOTHING WRONG.

P.S.  As my friend Jessica wrote on her facebook wall the other day, "you're lucky that you had already driven away before it dawned on me to take, deface, and post/pin/tweet your picture. The next person who does this to me will be an Internet sensation. Try. me."

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