Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ally Grace ran her first 5k this weekend: the Rabun Ramble! I actually managed to run the whole race, and there were a few factors that contributed to this success:

1. I ran the pace of a 95 year old.
2. I prayed constantly that God would allow my poor pregnant bladder to hold out until the end.

3. I pretty much HAD to run out of desperation to get back to the bathrooms as quickly as possible!

Honestly, it was a blast....the temperature was perfect, and it just felt great to run. I DID notice that when people would see me coming up to pass them, they would look over and speed up....I could literally see each one of them thinking "Oh heck no, I am not ABOUT to get beat by a pregnant girl." Glad I could provide some motivation for you people! Here's a shot of me blowing past some random slow guy:
He was cute though, so I let him beat me in the end! : ) Seriously, John was probably finished before I even started, he's so fast....placed 4th in his age group! So proud of him!

We had a great time up at Lake Rabun.....there were all the makings of a perfect holiday weekend: great friends, the 4th of July buffet catered by the Dillard house, Jenga tournaments, and let's not forget the ever popular greased watermelon contest...oh yes, instigated by MY husband. (I TOLD you guys there would be random competition!) Here's a shot of some greased watermelon action.....it was super entertaining to watch, but looks surprisingly violent from this picture.

Saturday night, we went out on the boat for Lake Rabun fireworks....I love fireworks, don't you? Somehow, I miraculously managed to not get seasick, although by the time we got back to the boat house, it was a pretty close call! Here I am with Haley and Jenny, on our way out to see the fireworks.

And here, with John and 2 crazy people in the background......oh wait, that's just Haley and Scouten.

Ally Grace was kicking up a storm this weekend....I think she was just anxious to be a part of all the festivities. Spending time with some of our other friends' babies made me even more excited for her to get here!

By the way, today John and I did a practice drive to Northside.....ok, REALLY it was because John cut his shin open to the bone and I had to take him to get stitches.....and don't worry, this isn't the first time (some of you will recall the staples incident of 2006, just before Memorial Day weekend). Anyway, the nurses were clearly confused when I came in, and I know were expecting me to be in labor.....not for a few more months! 12 weeks to be exact, because as of Thursday, I am in my THIRD TRIMESTER! I alternate between total excitement and complete freakout, as I realize that I know nothing about babies. That's okay....we're signed up for a Baby Essentials class at Northside on Saturday, where our afternoon will consist of diapering, burping, and bathing fake babies. As long as they're not creepy robot babies like in that movie License to Wed, we'll be good to go!

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Bagwell's said...

Brad loved the baby Essentials class. Go to the bathroom often...it's long! And the tour is so fun - I hear you are doing that tonight. I am ready for AllyGrace to come play!