Friday, July 10, 2009

Third Trimester!

So yesterday marked the beginning of my 3rd trimester!! To celebrate, we had our official Northside Hospital Maternity Tour.....pretty exciting stuff, let me tell ya. We learned where to drop me off when I'm in labor, how it's VERY important for John to make sure I at least make it in to the admissions desk, that there's a "boom box" in every labor and delivery room (and yes, I immediately imagined John dancing around with it on his know, as every supportive labor coach should do), and how there's a "squatting bar" available to attach to every delivery bed. Excuse me? A squatting bar? I'm pretty sure that all I want to know is how quickly the anesthesiologist can arrive to give me an epidural. 'Cause then I'll be golden.

Also, is it weird that I'm more nervous about getting an epidural than about the actual delivery of the baby?

Anyway, we went with some friends, Kyle and Caroline, who are expecting a baby in early November. Caroline and I both noticed that our babies were kicking up a storm while we were on the tour....I personally believe that the babies KNEW where we were, and were excited to be there, but that's just my opinion. It was definitely fun to hang out with Kyle and Caroline, and turn the tour into a little double-date!

This week, I've been sucked into a show on TLC called "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." It is seriously a train wreck that you probably SHOULD stop watching, but can't look away from. There are actually women who go to the hospital for stomach pain and find out that they're having a baby....right then! Or, even scarier, the ones who don't go to the hospital and have the baby in their toilets at home. I am not kidding. Some of these women have NO pregnancy symptoms, don't gain weight, and for at least a couple, actually LOSE weight. WHAT?! This show has now been added to the tivo, much to John's delight, I'm sure.

So, according to, Ally Grace is weighing in around 2lbs and 7 oz., and is about 10 inches long......hmmm, so where does all the other weight come from? : ) She has definitely turned into the most active baby on the planet at this point.....wonder what that means about her little personality once she's here? I looked down at my belly button the other day, and I swear she gave me a little fist bump from the inside. I think she was telling me that she's cozy and happy in there. I do know this though: we are more and more excited to meet her every day! 12 more weeks.....

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