Saturday, December 31, 2011

And, Here You Go....

I'm back with the video....(or "bideo" as AG likes to call them).

Let me set it up for you:  At our house, we have a nightly ritual.  First, AG says her prayers, and then, John and I sing Amazing Grace, while scratching her back.  Somehow, she learned that there is more than one verse, and she now demands nicely asks that we keep singing after we finish verse one.

Every night.

(Don't think we haven't tried a super fast rendition of the song, either.  Uh-uh.  She's not having it, folks.)

Anyway, one day, I was lying down beside her, and she started scratching  my back and singing Amazing Grace to me.  And yes, I may or may not have totally lost it teared up slightly, because there's nothing more precious than her little voice singing.

(And she was already well into the song by the time we realized, "Hey! Maybe we should whip out the video camera and capture this moment on film."  Or the iPhone, because we're high-tech like that.)

Enjoy!  And Happy New Year, everyone!

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kristymasterson said...

most.precious. thing. ever...and that folks is why we have kids. (ok. maybe there are other reasons but that is a really great one.)