Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surprise! Or not.

I believe I may have mentioned in the past that I have a slight tendency to be a total surprise ruiner a tad bit nosy when it comes to my birthday, Christmas, etc.  I may have even been known to ahem, review the credit card statement around those key times of year, in an effort to see where John has been shopping. 

(I'm sure this quality is highly adorable and not at all irritating for him.)

I may have even accidentally logged into his amazon account last year, and seen that he ordered a kindle.  Right before Christmas.  After I had just been talking about how much I wanted one. 

(It was a total accident.)

(Maybe. I can't really remember.)

(In my defense, is it really my fault if his password is so easy to figure out?)

Alright fine.  I am a world class snooper, of the highest degree of snoopiness.  Which actually does not even look like a real word. 

But, I had NOTHING to do with the surprises that were ruined yesterday.  For once in my life, I haven't even attempted to find my Christmas presents, look at the credit card statement, or log in to any amazon accounts. 

Anyway, I get home from an afternoon appointment, and John and AG are playing upstairs.  Little presh's favorite new game is to "hide."  (In the same 4 spots every time).  I hear them run off and hide, so I come upstairs and begin loudly searching in ridiculous places, like the washing machine, or the toilet, to see if I can get her to giggle.

(Because, really?  If AG actually hid in the toilet, I would be a little upset. And grossed out. And honestly impressed with her creativity.)

I go into her room, and she's not in her go-to spot behind the curtains.  So, I head into our room, to see if she's behind our bathroom door. 

And that's when it happens.

I see two things from my Christmas wish list (which was typed, with links, and given to John, oh about 3 months ago. Because I'm helpful like that.), just laying right out in the open, for all the world to see.

Hi, husband?  This is Sherri.  Get your head in the game! You of all people should know that I am nosy. It is nearly impossible to surprise me.  I will try to discover surprises you have planned for me, almost 100% of the time.  I know this must be super fun for you.   Is this some new, clever non-hiding technique that you're employing?  Oooh, wait.  Were they empty boxes, left out, just to throw me off?  Maybe I should go shake them and make sure.

By the way, I absolutely love them. 

And you.


Your over-the-top nosy wife, who tried really hard this year not to be the surprise ruiner that I normally am. 

P.S. Maybe you should change your passwords.

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