Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November....in December

Yes, it's here.  Part 2 of my slacker-ish fall recap.  Since November is basically "The Month That I Know Happened, But Cannot Remember," I'm going to entertain you with an iPhone picture dump. 

(Also, I hate the word dump.   Just in case you were wondering.)

So, in November, we were.....

...Taking ironic pictures.  Yes, this really happened.
Excuse me, Fitness, I'm just minding my own business, enjoying this cupcake.
Back up off me.

...Accessorizing like a champ.  The more purses the better, I say.

...Doing toddler art projects. Aka, entertaining with stickers.
Or as AG says:
"Putting band aids on mommy."

...Engaging in some super unflattering, (at least for me) self-taken family portraits.
...Taking advantage of a Groupon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Or maybe just taking advantage of my husband.  I can't remember.

TRYING to teach Belle how to be a lady. 
It's clearly isn't working.

....Decorating the Christmas tree!

The week before Thanksgiving.

After which I learned that people on Facebook are weirdly opinionated about putting your tree up before Thanksgiving.

Among other things.
...Christmas partying.
The Nelsons annually host my favorite Christmas party of the year, which involves the boys dressing like freaks, while the girls dress cute and laugh at them. 

Oh the joys of Christmas.
Well, would you look at that! We made it into December, didn't we?  Who knew a phone dump could be so productive?

And yet sound so disgusting at the same time.


carolineo said...

I think you should know that I literally just spit on my computer screen because "loose-y, goose-y" Belle just caught me so hilariously off guard. I love reading your posts!

Alek :) said...

Just want you to know I check your blog every. Single. Day in college (and wouldn't you know I slacked off when I got home?) and it made me so sad you didn't blog for so long but these posts TOTALLY made up for it. I died when I read the belle comment too. You're hilarious and ally grace is precious and I love y'all both so so much! This blog keeps me feeling close to y'all even when I'm not :) so great to see you tonight!