Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Stories. You're Welcome.

So, I just hopped on here to tell y'all a few random stories....I'm SURE you're just beside yourself with excitement. Or not.


Random Story #1: Today I went with John and my dad to see the movie "We Bought a Zoo."  And here's what you need to know about it (besides the fact that Matt Damon is in it, and that's reason enough all by itself):

It will reduce you to the ugly cry at least 6 different times.  It was either super good, or I am super hormonal/crazy. 

Let's not think too hard about that one, okay?

Random Story #2: Last night, John and I went to Target to partake in one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  We started doing it about four years ago after I unashamedly stole the idea, and now it's just not Christmas without's called, Fill Each Other's Stocking Using $30 and 30 Minutes

A.k.a. Sneak Around Target Pointing Finger Guns and Acting Crazy.

(A.k.a. Security Doesn't Think The Finger Guns Thing Is Too Funny, So Maybe Skip That Part, Why Don't You?)

Seriously, it's fun y'all.  And you wouldn't believe the abundance you can find at Target for only $30.

(Actually, if you're like me, you would totally believe it, because I'm at Target so much that I practically work there.  If "working there" means you leave with less money than you came with.)

Random Story #3:  Yesterday, I went to get a pedicure.  And before you get all judge-y and think, oooh, Miss Fancy Pants Got Herself a Fancy Pedicure, well, don't.  Because my toenails were so bad that I think my nail technician cried a little when she first saw them.  Anyway, I'm sitting there chatting with my friend Kristin, and I begin to notice this little gnat flying around my head.  Having just been to the gym, I know I was a nasty, sweaty mess perspiring a tiny bit.  The gnat was clearly enjoying this, and would not leave me alone. 

Suddenly, it lands on my cheek.  And instinctively, I smack myself in the face.  Hard. 
And rather suddenly for that matter, according to the fact that everyone in the entire place looks at me like I'm super crazy.

Which I am, just not in the way they think.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, blog friends!

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