Thursday, August 6, 2009

32 Week Developments & Nursery Preview

Yesterday, I came across two interesting new pregnancy developments:

1. I can now rest things comfortably on my belly. Which I am doing often, and without thinking. I discovered this while sitting at my desk working, and drinking a bottle of water.....I literally looked down and found that I had used my belly as a coaster.

2. My face is now pregnant. It appears that my face is having this baby too! I was looking at some pictures and noticed that my face has been progressively getting chubbier over the last few months. Even when I pointed it out to my sweet husband, he was like, well, maybe just a LITTLE.....because he is such a great husband, I forgave him for saying something other than "no, no, your face is skinny and you have supermodel cheekbones." Maybe it's part of that whole end of pregnancy swelling thing? I don't know, but I'm thinking that while chubby cheeks are cute on a baby, they're probably not so much on me.

By the way, this is my pregnancy uniform. I wear this outfit almost anytime I'm at home, and I'm considering just wearing it every day until she's born. A) Because I am trying to subliminally coerce her into being a die-hard Georgia fan (not that she has a choice!), and B) because these sweatpants magically grow with my pregnant booty and thighs. If you come to my house between now and October, you WILL see me in this!

Otherwise, things are going great! I'm officially in my 32nd week, and I can't believe how quickly Ally Grace will be here now! I am getting so, so excited to meet my daughter. And possibly to give her some grief for all the strategic bladder poking she's doing in there. The other night, John and I were on the couch, and she started up some kind of crazy gymnastics routine in there. For a minute, I had the slightly irrational fear that a little alien was about to burst out of my tummy, like in some freaky sci-fi movie.....not that I really watch those, but you know what I mean.

We've nearly gotten the nursery's a sneak peak! We're still missing our bedding, crib skirt, rug, and a couple of things for the walls, but you will get the idea. I really wanted to keep things pretty neutral in here, for the sake of being able to re-use down the road. Now my biggest challenge is organizing all the baby gear into some sort of system. Most of you realize that I am what we like to call "organizationally challenged." So, this is obviously no small task for me! If any of you have little pearls of wisdom, send them my way!

The painted and glazed dresser/changing table, I've already told you about, and the glider is a FABULOUS gift from my is the most comfortable chair on the planet! The crib is a Jenny Lind, which we had glazed to match the dresser. The crib skirt will be the same fabric as the window treatments, and we're using this china hutch that was in our old breakfast area for extra storage. How much do you love this monkey fabric that we put in the windows?

By the way, John and I went on a date the other night to see the movie 500 Days of was an extremely rare occurence of us wanting to see the exact same movie, so we seized the moment. I HIGHLY recommend it, if you haven't seen it already. Hilarious, and worth it even just for the opening credits. Go, and you will see what I mean. We love movies, and so we've already been planning what to see next.....actually, we are negotiating, because I had to trade him District 9 and G.I. Joe for The Time Traveler's Wife and Julie & Julia. Since it's my birthday month, we'll go see my picks first......a rule that I just made up, but it sounds fair, right?

Anyway, I'm wondering if it's too early for me to be "nesting" or if that's something that happens now? I always thought it was right before the baby comes, and I laughed at stories of women who were going into labor while cleaning their tile grout w/ toothbrushes. Thinking that I would probably go into labor getting a pedicure, reading People, watching the Bachelor, or something equally lazy. Now, suddenly, I'm finding myself getting so bothered by brown spots in our front yard, that I have actually considered taking some green spray paint out there to cover them. Or, how about having to clean the outside of our stainless steel fridge EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a fingerprint on the door? (Which is basically every time I look at it). Or even getting down on the floor to clean up Jackson's little dusty paw prints each and every time he comes in from outside? Oh boy......I am SO going to be one of those girls who goes into labor scrubbing something insane.

We're off to Savannah this weekend for our friend Ryan's wedding.....I'm excited for a little mini-vacation, even though Savannah+8 months pregnant=possible heatstroke and some really unattractive swelling. I'm totally going to get John to take me to Paula Deen's restaurant though, since I only have 8 more weeks to take advantage of the "eating for two" excuse!


sara said...

these pictures don't do the room justice! it is so awesome!!
( i mean, the pics are cute... the real thing is just way better) ;o)

Beloved said...

Sherri, your blogging voice has me are so funny! I LOVE the changing table dresser - so unique & lovely!
Last night was great fun over dinner with you guys. Enjoy your weekend!

Steph said...

your face is SOOOO not pregnant!