Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello, Chocolate Milk

Well, hello, Chocolate Milk......where have you been all my life? I know I've ignored you for the last 28 years, but I'm about to make up for some serious lost time. Yesterday, John coerced me into sharing a Publix chocolate milk with him, and I am beyond hooked. I've been thinking about it all morning now. So far, my unwillingness to get in the car and drive to Publix has outweighed my need for the chocolatey goodness, but I'm feeling a shift in my mood coming on.......actually, I'm feeling a desperation similar to the '09 Apple Juice Incident.

Basically, if you're between me and the Brookhaven Publix right now, you might wanna get out of the way.

Since I'm probably going to have at least one of these chocolate milks every day for the rest of my pregnancy, I'll at least let you know that it's the lowfat version I'm now addicted to. 'Cause a girl's gotta watch her pregnant figure, right? Actually, no, she doesn't, and if you thought "yes" to that question, my hormones may have to slap you right now.

I'm really going to miss justifying my cravings as "pregnancy cravings." In life, I tend to have the sophisticated food palate of a 5-year old, which has been so much easier to get away with while blaming it on "the baby." Actually, I am going to miss blaming quite a few things on "the baby." Like why I need to get out of jury duty on September 15th.....or why I can no longer pick things up off the floor. Or even why I feel the need to whine about not getting to rent the movie that I wanted to watch last night.

(In case you were wondering, husbands don't generally find it attractive when you say things like: But whyyyyyyyyy can't we get The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past at Blockbusterrrrrrrrr??? I WAAAAAANNNNNTTT IT!)

Just fyi, people.

So, tomorrow is Completely Finish the Nursery and Buy Everything Baby Still Needs Day. When I mentioned my plan to John earlier this week, I saw tears of joy fill his eyes. Okay, it was actually probably just fear and trepidation, but still. I admit, I'm a bit fearful of Babies R Us, first thing on a Saturday morning too.

Wish us luck! And have some chocolate milk this'll be so glad you did.

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sara said...

girl, you need to be a writer! i LOVE reading your blog! Now I know what to bring you when I come visit this month ;o) Nothing wrong with a 5 year old diet- I live off of frozen chicken fingers & pizza.. yummy!! hehe
Will I see you before we head to nashville (& miss each other on the drive back?) I sure hope so- that's far too long to go without seeing you!