Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rib Torture, Nursery, & Fun Facts about Ally Grace

My ribs are being squeezed to death!!! AHHHH! I literally almost can't sit still it hurts so bad!

Okay, I needed that rash moment of exclamation point overusage in order to convey to you how very, very uncomfortable I am here in my 34 week of pregnancy. Obviously, I am uncomfortable enough that I want to sit here and whine like a 3-year old to the 2 people who read this blog.

And in other interesting 34th week developments: my tummy now rests on my thighs when I am sitting down. Gross and uncomfortable, to say the least. But, there are only SIX MORE WEEKS TIL ALLY GRACE GETS HERE! I had an ultrasound on Monday, and learned a few things about my little girl:

1. Most importantly, she is, in fact, STILL A GIRL. (Yes, they actually typed that onto the ultrasound photo).

2. She weighs 4lbs and 15oz.......almost a 5-pounder!

3. She's in the 42nd percentile for weight.

4. She actually has HAIR! Can you believe they can see that on an ultrasound? I honestly can hardly ever tell what they're showing me on the screen. Our conversation goes something like this:

Ultrasound Tech: See, there's her chin, nose, eye sockets, and her hands up by her face.

Me: Oh, um, yeah....I see it. (Nope, not even a little in the world do they get that out of a bunch of fuzzy blobs?).

5. Apparently, she has some big nostrils.....which she clearly gets from her dad, b/c he can flare his nostrils to a size that I didn't think was humanly possible. Something I learned at our very first doctor's appointment, as he was poking through things he probably shouldn't be touching in the exam room, and ended up with cotton swabs up his nose. Which was also one of my favorite parts of the appointment.

She's doing great though, and growing just like she should. At my last appointment, the doctor was concerned that I was measuring 2 weeks behind (31 weeks, instead of 33), and at the ultrasound, we found out that my amniotic fluid is a little on the low side. So, we'll just be checked out again on Monday to make sure it's not decreasing.

On a different note, I realized that I never put up any photos of the special "creation" in her, here's a little peek!

We had Ally Grace's monogram painted above her crib, by Kristen Davis, of KFD Designs.......she's super talented, and did a great job!

And here's a little shot of her crib with the bedding, which I LOVE! Although I will probably cry the first time she vomits/poops/other baby bodily functions on this bedding......I'm still working on lamps, and a couple of other things for the walls, but otherwise, it's almost totally finished and ready for her to move in! (I'll do some final photos of everything as soon as it's completely ready).

This weekend, we're doing our final baby class--this one is actually about childbirth.....yikes! I wasn't going to do one of these, and was instead planning to use the "fly by the seat of my pants/request the epidural immediately and chill" method, but I decided it might be good to know what to expect. Actually, I sort of got peer pressured into taking it by the midwives at my dr's office. No doubt, I'll have some interesting stories to share on Monday!


carolineo said...

I laughed out loud at the thought of John with cotton swabs up his nose :) I think we have married similar men! And I love reading your blog because now when my ribs start to hurt I'll be prepared and know its ok!

kristymasterson said...

you will be glad you took the class. i think the more knowledge the less anxiety. but that could just be a personal rule of thumb. ally grace's room is lookin great!